Leaked Diablo IV Footages Reveal the Game’s Progress

The Diablo series sets itself in the action role-playing genre of games and, from its debut in 1997, managed to amass a great deal of popularity amongst the gaming community. Many considered it the trademark series, and some thought it the stepping stone into gaming. The series has cemented its reputation in the industry as gripping and enjoyable.

Company takeovers and poor management saw the series grind to a halt, with the latest installment, Diablo III, the most recent addition to the roster in over 10 years. Many fans have thus eagerly awaited an update on the series, and they got their break 2 years ago when the official announcement was made.

Diablo IV gameplay example
Diablo IV insight

TopTierList compiled this developing story thanks to a recent leak from a forum member, cormack12, who shed light on the development process so far of the game. The cinematics and gameplay footage give an insight into the storyline but, more importantly, also reveal some of the characters in the game.

The Leaked Footage

The footage contains snippets of programmed characters, and the storyline is developed. There’s also unreleased cinematic footage we can expect to see published shortly after the uncertainty behind the game’s release date becomes less. You can view the footage through this thread and the two attached snippets below.

So far, the consensus seems positive; the die-hard fans eagerly wait to get their hands on the revamped game. The changes by the studio itself and entrusting Blizzard with this project have also aroused the interest of people who await and see if they manage to capture the essence of what this series stood for.

While new details for the game are hard to come by, the recent update gives hope that production is ongoing. The game is set to take an open-world approach this time while maintaining the same role-play dungeon thematic that hardcore fans have grown to love. The game supposedly will also feature cross-save and cross-progression.

When can we expect more news?

Not for a while, safe to say. Blizzard’s internal disruptions, as a result of their hiring issues, coupled with the delays of many ongoing projects, most notably Overwatch 2, means that we will not see Diablo IV’s release until at least the end of Q2 2023, perhaps even start of 2024. What would you hope to see included in the series’s latest, highly anticipated installment? Comment your thoughts below!

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