All-Stars Battle Royale Sequel Seems Likely

Only a handful of games can be considered ahead of their time. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is one of them, as it was released back in 2012 but never got the recognition it deserved. Considering the successful characters PlayStation now has, the classic game’s concept is now more relevant than ever.

Nonetheless, the game has built a cult-like fanbase, many of whom are hoping to receive a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sequel. There have been many rumors of a developer proposing that idea, but Sony never greenlighted it. However, the chances of the idea being reconsidered by Sony have increased significantly, thanks to their recent deal with that developer.

Major Points

  • Sony has signed a deal with a developer who pitched the All-Stars Battle Royale sequel for funding on a game.
  • This has increased the likelihood that the game in question is, in fact, the sequel.
  • Although this doesn’t confirm that the game has been greenlit, it further increases the chances of it. We will need to wait a few more months for further insider updates.

Twitter user Rythian posted a tweet a while ago, promising to give some info on the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sequel. He has kept his promise and told us that Sony has recently signed a deal with the developer who pitched the sequel for funding on a game.

This does not mean the game is greenlit. After a finalized game pitch has been made, Sony will hold the series’ fate. Rythian has given credible insider information multiple times in the past, and according to him, his current source has been right 5/5 times, so he is hoping for this to be true as well.

In addition, the deal is for a “fighter” game, so if the sequel does not get the green light, the developer will probably look into another fighter game for Sony. If we think logically, the year 2023 is full of insane fighter games, including Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8, with the latter having a possibility of a 2024 release. 

So, according to Rythian, Sony will probably look at the 2026-2027 window for this game’s release. However, we won’t need to wait that long to confirm whether a sequel is in the works. The insider assured in the initial tweet that we will know in January-February of 2023 as that is likely when the pitch will be finalized.

The insider will then give the information to us as soon as his sources have confirmed it. It is great news for the classic fighting games community, as even though we have great games coming up, All-Stars Battle Royale was ahead of its time.

If it retains its gameplay mechanics and further enhances the game with up-to-date graphics and technology, we might be looking at one of the most successful crossover-fighting games of this or the next generation. But for now, we can only hope that the final pitch satisfies Sony and the project starts its development in early 2023.

Do you think Sony is considering the development of the sequel? If so, what PlayStation characters would you love to see in the sequel, and why? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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