Concept Art From 343 Industries’ Halo: Starfighter Has Leaked

Halo is one of the most beloved franchises and offers gamers an immersive world with an amazing storyline and great gameplay. Although the influence of its recent title has diminished, the prequels did an amazing job and were almost always on top of the charts.

Many Halo enthusiasts might be familiar with the title Halo: Starfighter, an internal pitch by a team within 343 Industries. It was pitched during the early development of Halo: Infinite, but unfortunately, the project was never greenlit.

This title would have introduced some amazing mechanics, including aviation, and a whole new battle concept. Although we will never be able to see the title, our team at TopTierList found an exciting Reddit post that features concept art from Halo: Starfighter.

Halo: Starfighter was an internal pitch by a team from 343 Industries. from LeaksAndRumors

Major Points

  • Halo: Starfighter would have made great use of space fighting and become an important installment in the series.
  • Due to never being greenlit, the project was left forever within these concept arts.
  • This further shows the lack of space combat games and how Halo can still use this idea.

We do have some notable titles that feature space combat pretty well, including Star Wars: Battlefront II and Squadrons, but it still feels incomplete. Perhaps this would have been fulfilled with the abundance of mechanics in Halo. Unfortunately, that never happened, and all we can do now is admire the concept art.

Halo Starfighter Cover
Halo: Starfighter Concept Art Image #1

Reddit user LongJonSiIver posted these concept arts, and they feature many vehicles, weapons, and even some battle scenes. The first image shows an entire space battalion, and it looks like they are called Sundown, part of the UNSC Navy as Aerospatial Naval Carrier Wing 992.

Halo Starfighter Cutscene
Halo: Starfighter Concept Art Image #2

The image depicts what seems like a battle scene. It is also possible that this is just a mini-aircraft preparing to take off into space. Since the game’s main theme revolves around space combat, we will see many vehicles.

Halo Starfighter Spacecraft
Halo: Starfighter Concept Art Image #3

Here we can see a list of various aircraft. The one currently on-screen is the SS-1000-E2. These aircraft come with a set of weaponry, but later concept art shows that we may have some options in that area, as each weaponry is suitable for different situations.

Halo Starfighter Key Art
Halo: Starfighter Concept Art Image #4

This image depicts what the combat might look like. We have a radar-like map and a hud-interface on the right side.

Halo SP Weapon
Halo: Starfighter Concept Art Image #5

Here we have a list of weapons, each having a set of specialties. This SP-CHRG is best suited as an Anti-ship missile, and though it has bad tracking, it can penetrate shields surrounding other crafts and deal massive damage.

Halo Starfighter Game
Halo: Starfighter Concept Art Image #6

This SP-EMP missile stuns the aircraft for a short duration, perfect to leave them out of the battle for a short while.

Halo Purple Weapon
Halo: Starfighter Concept Art Image #7

This SP-BLAM missile comes with great tracking ability and likely works well when used in great numbers.

Halo Missile Weapon
Halo: Starfighter Concept Art Image #8

The SP-CRYO missile deals little to no damage but leaves the target vulnerable so that the secondary weapons can deal even more damage.

These weapons and aircraft seem well-thought and would have worked great in combat. Unfortunately, we didn’t see all of this in action, but perhaps 343 Industries will work something out from these concept arts in the future.

That is all for today. Do you think 343 Industries should have greenlit the project? Would this project have become a great space-combat game in the Halo franchise? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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