Atomic Heart Ranks 1st as the Top Seller on Steam

Atomic Heart has finally taken the Top Seller position that was previously held by Hogwarts Legacy.

Atomic Heart just hit the shelves and has shown itself to be quite a competition for this year’s games. Hogwarts Legacy held the Top Seller position on Steam for what felt like a very long time, but our team at TopTierList just confirmed via Steam Store that the game was finally dethroned by Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter ARPG game by Mundfish. Recently, the game saw several leaks, further increasing the hype for the game. However, the game was already in the top 10 on Steam before it hit the shelf.

Gamers have waited months for this game, so expectations are over the roof. After seeing the reviews, it seems like the game has many positive things going on, with only a few downsides, which is to be expected.

Atomic Heart Steam
Steam Top Sellers.

Major Points

  • Atomic Heart is now the Top Seller game on Steam.
  • The game currently has a 72 score on Metacritic and 74 on OpenCritic.
  • Even though it is far from perfect, the game seems to perform exceptionally well.

Atomic Heart just released today, which is the 21st of February. Although it had a rocky ride in the past few days, especially with the Dev Build leaking, the game is performing well, as expected. After it was revealed a few years ago, gamers have been waiting patiently for the game. Still, it was only recently that the game piqued everyone’s interest.

Despite the high expectations, seeing the game dethroning Hogwarts Legacy is a surprise. The latter has been enjoying its place on the top for quite a while, only being overtaken by Dead Space Remake for a short period. Since something similar happened, the real test for Atomic Heart is whether it will stay up there or come down in a short time.

So far, the game has received mixed reviews, with many applauding some of the things done perfectly. As for the negative things, the situation is quite similar to Hogwarts Legacy in a different way. The developer, Mundfish, was accused of taking Kremlin money, which is still an accusation. We do not know whether the game devs have ulterior motives, but after reading many reviews, it is clear the game or its developers have not shown signs of pushing forward a controversial agenda.

Overall, the game currently has a 72 Metacritic score and a 74 OpenCritic score. However, the game has 88% positive reviews on Steam, labelling it “very positive” there. It is not a surprise since gamers are actively purchasing the games after the reviews, and that is why the game is now a Top Seller on Steam.

The game has also reached its new peak player count, according to SteamDB, having 38k concurrent players. The numbers are expected to go up as it is still day one for the game, and more and more people are looking to get their hands on it.

If you are unfamiliar with the synopsis, it tells the story of our main character, a mentally unstable Major Officer Sergei Nechaev, AKA P-3. Sechenov sends him to ensure the situation at Facility 3826 remains stable. However, he is challenged there after seeing combating robots going haywire and witnessing the failed biomechanical experiments, further deteriorating his mental state.

That is all for now! What do you think of this new milestone by Atomic Heart? Do you think the game will continue to do well on Steam? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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