Marvel’s Avengers Upcoming Skins Leaked

Marvel’s Avengers is an action-adventure video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix Europe in 2020. It is based on Marvel Comics and revolves around the Avengers, as the title suggests.

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe mainly inspires it, it also takes many elements from the comic books. The story follows Kama Khan, A.K.A. Ms. Marvel, who gains her powers during the A-Day. While it is a celebration day for Avengers, things go south when a terrorist attack occurs.

It got a lot of stick when the game was initially released because of many reasons and the publisher of the game was blamed for being greedy with their microtransactions, also the game was littered with bugs. But luckily Crystal Dynamics has taken the criticism hurled at them seriously and have tried reviving the game since then.

And now, we got some news on three exciting upcoming skins, and they belong to some of the big Avengers. They were leaked by Miller a renowned leaker for these games. He data mined these skins.

We have Captain America, The Winter Soldier, one of the most requested skins in the game. If these are true then it will be very exciting news as they look stunning. 

Captain America

Captain America The Winter Soldier’s skin would be awesome and if they added the black shield with it then it surely will blow some minds off.


Although Hawkeye is not one of the most popular Avengers members, it should be noted that he is the only one besides Iron Man who is a human with no special superpowers. As such, fans have always wanted this comic design for Hawkeye, and their cries have been heard as this will also be coming soon.

Comic Hawkeye
One of Hawkeye’s Designs from Comics



One of our beloved characters, Thor, will also get a new skin, which is identical to Ultimate Comics. We haven’t seen an accurate adaptation of this design, so it will be interesting to see how he looks in the game.

Thor Design from Ultimate Marvel Comics.


These skins have been some of the most requested ones, and it is time that they were added. If the information is not changed at the last minute, then most of this will remain accurate to the end result. 

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