Bethesda Nordic Teases for a Big Announcement on 21st April

This can be either a Redfall announcement, the Starfield Showcase, or even news on another project.

Xbox recently showcased some of their big games coming up, and as much as we wanted to see some news on Starfield, they announced that the game would receive its own dedicated showcase. As disappointed as we were back then, it seems like our patience might have paid off as our team at TopTierList found that Bethesda Nordic has tweeted something, teasing big news coming on 21st April.

There is still a good chance that the date is not for Starfield Showcase but for something else entirely. As such, it would be best not to look too deeply into it. Regardless, Bethesda has something planned for late April. Even if it’s not a Starfield announcement, it must be something just as exciting.

Otherwise, Starfield fans might get disappointed even more since it almost feels like the game is getting ignored completely, despite the massive hype built around it.

Major Points

  • Bethesda Nordic’s recent tweet hints at a big announcement on the 21st of April. 
  • Although it may be the date for Starfield Showcase, we can’t say for sure since they also have other projects in their hands.
  • It should still be something to look forward to, so we should mark the calenders for something big coming soon.

Xbox announced several projects in their Developer_Direct, and even shadow-dropped Hi-Fi Rush, which is now one of the best releases of 2023 so far. As such, much hype has been built around their other projects, including RedfallForza Motorsport, Starfield, etc., 

Even though Starfield was not part of the showcase in January, it has been in development for quite a long time. It is now one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023, and if it meets the expectations, it might even become one of the best releases we have ever had.

Before we jump ahead of ourselves, we still haven’t seen an official announcement on the game’s release. Not to mention, they have yet to announce the release dates, and much more on their other projects as well.

Luckily, we may be heading towards something, as Bethesda Nordic has just tweeted about something big coming on the 21st of April. The tweet states, “Hey [@xboxse] Are you hyped for our date on 21st April? We promise it will be good! [Smiley Face with Sunglasses].

This does not confirm a Bethesda Showcase because the Official Xbox Swedish account replied with something that might happen in Stockholm. Now, it is possible they are just trying to hide something that may have been accidentally leaked, or we might see a big Xbox announcement in Stockholm.

Since Redfall is releasing in early May, it might be related to that, but we can’t say for sure until it is officially confirmed. Still, a Redfall announcement seems most likely at this point since the dates align a bit too well. If it weren’t for the reply under this tweet, we would have 100% believed it to be for the Starfield Showcase, but it doesn’t seem likely anymore.

Moreover, they have other projects and even some unannounced titles, which could potentially see a spotlight on that day. All we can say for now is that it can be anything, honestly, and while we wish it is something for Starfield, don’t keep your hopes too high.

However, we aren’t entirely in the dark here. We recently reported how several insiders had put their bets on a June release for the game. We also know how Xbox Series X started selling the console with a Starfield cover on Starfield cover the back of the box in China. 

That is all for now! What do you think Bethesda will show on the 21st of April? Do you think the follow-up replies were just damage-control to hide the potential leak? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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