Blizzard’s Upcoming Survival Game Might Be AAA Multiplayer

Blizzard had a weird 2022, and although it had an underwhelming impact, it was still noticeable. They were criticized heavily for the monetization system in Diablo Immortal, while Overwatch 2 was mostly seen as an update rather than a new game. Other than these two projects, Blizzard pretty much had their hands empty.

However, they are beginning to turn this around with their upcoming survival game, “Odyssey.” Blizzard recently announced that the Far Cry veteran Dan Hay will be leading this new survival game. Other than that, we barely have any information on this project. Still, our team at TopTierList found some exciting details in a recent job listing, revealing the game will be a AAA multiplayer.

Activision AAA Game Odyssey
Job Listing for Principal Software Engineer, Netcode.

Major Points

  • Blizzard’s upcoming survival game will likely be a AAA multiplayer game.
  • The job listing mostly goes over the details already known.
  • Since Dan Hay is involved with the project, Blizzard is putting a lot of their resources into this new game, elevating our expectations.

Fans have already been waiting patiently for some information on the game, and just as we heard of Dan Hay, the Far Cry veteran leading this project, we thought it wouldn’t get better than this. Somehow, even more exciting details have surfaced with the latest job listing from Activision.

The job is for the position of Principal Software Engineer on Netcode. For those unfamiliar, “Netcode” is a term gamers use for networking in online games, precisely the synchronization issues between clients and servers. In other words, it is a common terminology used for games with a multiplayer aspect.

Blizzard AAA Multiplayer Survival Game
Job Description.

In addition, the job listing states, “We have a new AAA survival game in the works, set in a new IP for PC/Console. It’s going to be amazing, and we’d love to bring you along for the ride. Together, we’ll build something big, bold, and beautiful.

So, this new AAA multiplayer survival game is probably one of the most passionate projects from Blizzard we have seen in a while. They have called this project their “first new IP since Overwatch,” so they have already set the stakes high for this one.

Activision AAA Multiplayer Survival Game
Job Requirement Details.

Blizzard has brought many notable IPs, including Diablo, Overwatch, Starcraft, and Warcraft. One thing common in these titles is the quality and resources they put into each of them. Although Blizzard has been under much criticism due to the abundance of bugs in the final versions of their games, they actively fix them and bring the titles to a new level with the help of player feedback.

If we were to imagine what the game looks like, there were previous rumors of the game being an FPS set in a fantasy world. Combining that with the budget of a AAA and a multiplayer aspect, the picture we have painted in our heads is certainly peculiar, but one we welcome.

We have seen many common tropes repeated and improved in modern games, but a unique new world-setting in a AAA game will be something we can enjoy. But we do admit most of the latter information is based on speculations, so tell us what you think the game will be about. Will it be an FPS co-op game set in a fantasy world? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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