Tom Henderson Claims Warzone 2 DMZ Will Support 100 Players

The upcoming release of Warzone 2 has left fans anticipating what the game brings to the table. It has been confirmed that the new DMZ mode in the game, an extraction-based sandbox style experience, will support up to 100 players and use the same map as Warzone 2.

Call of Duty Warzone supporting cover
Call of Duty Warzone

The New Warzone

Following on from the success of the first game, Call of Duty recently announced the arrival of Warzone’s second iteration, due for a release this year.  The game aims to pick up where the first version fell through and hopes to establish itself as the top battle royale game while catering to its fanbase’s needs. The announcement of Warzone mobile, which we covered here, along with the extent to which Activision is developing the game, makes for an exciting prospect on the horizon.

Amongst a host of new maps, game mechanics, and customizations, the studio hopes to break past the already high threshold set by the departing game. What prompted the first game’s success boiled down to the easy to get into but hard-to-master nature of the battle royale mode.

Key Takeaways

  • Fans are anticipating what Warzone 2 has in store for them.
  • There is a new DMZ mode which is an extraction-based sandbox style experience.
  • TopTierList has spotted a credible leak stating that the DMZ mode will support 100 players.

100 Player Support On The Cards

This leak spotted by TopTierList thanks to the ever reliable insider Tom Henderson on Twitter details new information regarding the mode as a result of a recent interview done by Call of Duty showcasing the upcoming game.

The update sheds light on the trademark DMZ Warzone mode that has captivated fans worldwide. It is said to feature up to 100 player support, with the mode activity being based on the same map as Warzone 2. With an official announcement expected soon, it remains to be seen exactly what else DMZ has to offer.

The Right Decision?

What are your thoughts about the player capacity of DMZ being 100? Do you feel it does not differentiate itself from the standard battle royale mode because of the extended support? Let us know in the comments down below.