Warzone Mobile’s Soft Launch Rumored to Release Soon

Call of Duty: Warzone is Activision’s take on the Battle Royale genre of games and indulges players in multiple game modes ranging from competitive free-for-all to team deathmatches to see who comes on top. The game offers the signature Call of Duty experience but in a different take to the otherwise common identity that the series has stuck with.

call of duty warzone gaemplay example
call of duty warzone showcase

The huge popularity of the Call of Duty series across most platforms meant the company had to find ways to extend its market share even more. Many speculated that Activision was in the process of releasing a AAA competitive shooter for the mobile platform. That anticipation seems to have only increased with this leak suggesting Call of Duty WarZone launching on mobile.

TopTierList just spotted, thanks to @just4leaks2, that Warzone on mobile would be released earlier than expected and in a soft-launch state. This aligns perfectly with Activation’s event, scheduled for the 15th of September, which aims to shed more light on the project itself, among other announcements. We can expect to see public invites being rolled out soon.


To further support this claim TopTierList spotted the tweet of a user by the name of @fastmumO.Who posted a code taken from the official Call of Duty website. It further strengthens the credibility of the leaks and suggests that the game’s release is sooner than everyone expects.

We eagerly wait to see what Warzone for mobile brings to the table. Having that signature Call of Duty experience in a polished, portable form only increases our excitement, and its safe to say that expectations are high.

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