Insider Leaks the Development Teams for Upcoming Marvel Games

DC and Marvel Comics are probably the biggest igniters of the flame of love for superheroes. Something about the superpowers, aliens, mechs, and superhumans have fascinated many generations.

You can fall in love with how characters are portrayed outside comics, and recently, Marvel has been doing a fantastic job at that through their movies and video game. According to some rumors and official information, we know they have at least two games in development, and they will feature our beloved characters; Iron Man in one, Captain America, and Black Panther in the other.

Iron Man Game

We had rumors that the Iron Man game would be in the hands of EA, but we just got more information on the specifics, thanks to the eagle eyes of our team at TopTierList.

The leak was spotted by TopTierList and posted by Jeff Grubb, a renowned gaming industry insider, and a fantastic journalist. He gets many things correct before anyone else through his abundant sources. According to him, the Iron Man game will be done by EA Motive, which is in line with other rumors that the game will be developed by one of EA’s Canadian subsidiaries.

Black Panther Game

In addition, the great hands behind Shadow of Mordor will be handling the Black Panther game. We don’t know much about the game itself. The trailer we got today was not for the game in question, the game featuring Black Panther and Captain America is from SKYDANCE and a different one.

If you are unfamiliar with Shadow of Mordor, it is an action-adventure game that covers the events between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It has incredible combats and stories, which ensures that the upcoming Black Panther game will also be great. 

Jeff also stated in a previous tweet regarding the Iron Man game that:

You shouldn’t have to wait much longer to hear about it, but you will have to wait to play it. Although it’s coming before Black Panther.

There you go, we now at least have a road map to work with, and it’s great to know that. He also claimed that Motive will work do Iron Man after Dead Space, so that’s when we can expect some announcements.

Black Panther and Captain America Game

Since we know the powers of the Black Panther are given through a herb given only to the crowned kings of Wakanda, this Black Panther is an ancestor of T’Chala. Azzuri, the grandfather of T’Chala, will be featured here, and it will be exhilarating to see how the two superheroes interact. The Black Panther and Captain America game will likely feature the events from Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers Vol 1 (2010).

What do you think about the studios/teams working on these games? Do you believe another studio would be a better option? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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