Details of a Potential Roblox Competitor “Clicli” by Tencent Leaked

CliCli is a new Game/Game Environment being developed by Tencent Games. At TopTierList, we covered CliCli when it was leaked. Let me bring you up to speed if you missed that piece.

We at TopTierList spotted the CliCli leak thanks to Shaun Webber. There he hinted at CliCli being a potential Roblox competitor. This was big news because, for a long time, Roblox has been dominant in its genre of Sandbox Role-Playing Games.

Roblox is a game environment allowing users to play and create games on one site. It uses “Block” like graphics with smoother edges, similar to how Lego makes their animations, but CliCli, according to the leak, is being developed on the Unreal Engine 4, which is a big upgrade.

However, today we will dive deeper into this hole of CliCli leaks from the same user. The new information was just released on a Reddit thread by u/just4leaks2 (Shaun Webber on Reddit). Below is some of the new information spotted by our team here at toptierlist.

CliCli new "Game" / Gamemaker leaked from Playtest from GamingLeaksAndRumours

New Characters

So far, Shaun has only linked four potential character images yet. All of these share the appearance of Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds Mobile characters. PUBGM is another Tencent title, so no surprises there. The leaked character images contain two male and two female characters by appearance.

The character models seem to have similar features besides cosmetics, like clothes and makeup. It is important to note that these are just in the Alpha Client so that these characters may change in the later versions.

CliCli Character Image
Character 1
CliCli character image 2
Character 2
CliCli Character Image 3
Character 3
CliCli Character image 4
Character 4

Game Screenshots

CliCli Game Screenshot 1
Game Capture 1
CliCli Game Screenshot 2
Game Capture 2
CliCli Game Screenshot 3
Game Capture 3

Aside from the characters, Shaun Webber also linked some images of what appear to be screenshots from a potential CliCli game. The graphics are reminiscent of games like Valheim and Subsistence. It has the open-world appeal but with more of an RPG feel rather than a blocky vibe one gets from Roblox.

From the leak of the game launcher itself, it is safe to guess the potential names of this game. The client mentions games like Forest, War of Acheron, and Zombie Hunter. All of these games have titles that could be associated with these images.

However, my gamer senses lean towards Forest more than any other titles. Of course, that is just my opinion. The name of this game has not been released yet.

Game Launcher

Alpha Client Image
CliCli Alpha Client

The last feature of CliCli is the game launcher itself. It is similar to the UI of many major game environments like Roblox and Epic Games. Similar to the characters, this client is also in its Alpha release, but there are some key things to note here.

Firstly, the symbols on the screen’s top right corner hint at CliCli being a social environment. Reminiscent of the features in Roblox, it also has a user profile and features to chat with other players.

Secondly, the games are based around tags, another feature it shares with Roblox. A featured section can also be seen on the client’s home page. A feature I find great that isn’t currently present on Roblox is the Creators section. Roblox allows the user to view the game’s creators, but CliCli seems to be planning to dedicate an entire section of their client to them.

Lastly, I will put myself in my gamer hat and make some assumptions about a key symbol on the top right corner. It appears to be a download symbol, which means you will be able to download the games on this client. This is a feature Roblox does not share, as all the games on Roblox are restricted to online modes.

Backing up my assumption are the tags listed under the games on the Home Page. Some of the games have a tag indicating online play, while some others do not. This may be the biggest difference between CliCli and Roblox, as players can play single-player games on CliCLi.

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