“Clicli” a Roblox Competitor Leaked

Roblox is an open sandbox, a simulation-based game designed to provide an experience where the player has the most control over how they choose to utilize the game mechanics. The vast online community and the freedom of expression with ideas have led to the game’s popularity.

Roblox community for comparison
Roblox Showcase

Roblox has held a kind of monopoly over the industry regarding its genre of games. That hold on the market has largely remained unchallenged and, aside from one or two iterations of the game from rivals, has ultimately been left unfazed by entrants into the field. 

The game’s unique selling point boiled down to the barrage of customizations it offered its players and the creative freedom to construct rather intricate game modes. These game modes are playable across the platform, providing a unique experience to gamers who look for the ability to socialize on a larger scale through gaming.

The New Entrant:

A recent leak spotted by TopTierList thanks to @just4leaks2, a Twitter user with a decent track record for sharing insider leaks, shed some light on an upcoming project aimed at competing with Roblox. Project CliCli, as it is called, is rumored to follow in line with the foundations of Roblox, albeit in a more elaborate fashion.

With details being scarce, there is not much info on hand. What we do know is that the project will offer a more polished and enhanced gameplay experience from a visual standpoint, the use of Unreal Engine 4 being the speculated reason, as well as aiming to provide greater liberty to players in the form of more refined game modes and heightened levels of versatility, thus enabling them to exercise their creativity further. 

A futuristic and visually appealing foundation seems to have been laid down; the leaked image gives us many reasons to be intrigued. It forms the narrative that the game aims to provide an experience above and beyond one offered by Roblox.

The city-like setting, coupled with the accessibility to network in a way that Roblox allows, makes for some speculation about the extent to which this project focuses on setting itself apart. 

What does this mean, then?

We hope to see more details spring up regarding CliCli. Any competition is welcome in gaming, and so far, all the details, although scanty, have led to painting an exciting picture for the project that has the potential to make its mark on the industry.