Capcom Might Finally Have Opened Their Clogged Ears

The time for the game reveals is upon us, and as we know that E3 has been canceled this year, it will be carried out by the gaming companies and other live streams independently. This does carry on the spirit of E3, and one of the companies on the frontlines is Capcom, lucky for us, they have prepared the best lineup for us.

Capcom is one of the biggest video game companies, and it is rightfully so as it gave birth to some of the best gaming franchises, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, etc. If you think Capcom had a great previous year, you should watch out for this one. Capcom is potentially going to reveal several games in their showcase on the 13th of June and let me tell you how exciting it is.

Capcom has a lot on its plate, and we are ready to eat it all up. After having a successful year, Capcom is planning to ascend to higher heights with this lineup. Although it is a leak and should be taken with a grain of salt, it is possible since it comes from a credible leaker.

Roberto Serrano is a former PR & Chief Editor at 4news, Professional Service Delivery at DXCItaly. A man like that has many sources, as we can see how many of his previous leaks have been confirmed eventually.

Enough about him, let’s dive into the games individually and discuss what it means to us. First off is Resident Evil Village Story Expansion, which is the DLC to Resident Evil Village. The game is a sequel to RE7, and a DLC can mean that Resident Evil’s light is still very bright, and likely not to dim down anytime soon.

In the game, you control a character Ethan Winters, whose face is never shown in the game due to it being in first-person perspective. Ethan is looking for his kidnapped daughter in this game, while in RE7, he was looking for his missing wife. Talk about being busy.

The 2nd on the list is Re:Verse, an addition to the Resident Evil franchise, it had been delayed frequently over the past year, but it seems like we will receive some news next month. It’s an online-only multiplayer game, which introduces some of our favorite characters and the big enemies we have seen over the series. One thing that sets this game apart for me is the Deathmatch aspect it will have.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say it is one of the most hyped-up games since last year, and when Capcom told us that it’s been delayed to further improve gameplay, we were disappointed. So, some great news for us Resident Evil fans.

Street Fight 6 is third on the line, and the leak does not apply to this game since it was announced in a teaser last year that we will receive information regarding the game in the summer of 2022.

Can we appreciate how insane the visuals are, especially Ryu, the main protagonist of the series. Street Fighter is most gamers’ cup of tea, you can delve into the lore of the game, or just enjoy the fighting aspect.

Next on the line is Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, another game that was set to release last year, but got delayed and is now going to bless us on the 30th of this June. The game looks amazing from the few gameplay we have seen, but it will have huge competition since the bar for RPG games is set very high due to Elden Ring and the Dark Souls series.

Next up is Dragon’s Dogma, the game that added a lot of its uniqueness through the Pawn system, which let you customize the party companions, allowing you to share them online so other players can level them up, and vice versa.

The game is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, and a new website has already been made for us, and after seeing it in the leak, I can imagine Capcom making an addition to the series, or maybe we will just hear some news regarding the direction they will take with the game.

Exoprimal is also on the list since we have a confirmation that the game will release next year. A trailer is also out for the game, it has amazing visuals + badass gameplay, so obviously we are sold on this one.

Last but not least, we have Pragmata, which is set to release in 2023, so the news in the showcase is very likely. The teaser for the game shows s little girl holding the sign to convey the news of the game’s delay, yes, Capcom did it in a very cute fashion, so we forgive them for it.

The game is set in a distant dystopian world, and while it shows a lot of destruction, it also carries a sense of “hope” in the form of the little girl. If something happens to the little girl, I don’t think our hearts will be able to take it.

It seems like that’s most of the things we can expect from Capcom this year, while some games have been confirmed since last year, their presence in the list adds further credibility to this line-up. I would love to know your thoughts on this, so let us know down below what you think!