Chicken Invaders Universe Finally Leaves Early Access On Steam

Chicken Invaders is a long-running classic franchise that was brought into existence in 1999. Since then, many main games, expansions, and even spin-offs have been released, with the latest game being a spin-off in 2018. The spin-off, Chicken Invaders Universe, has finally been added to Steam, and it is free-to-play as intended.

It has been 4-long years, and although the game was supposed to leave Early Access on Steam in 2021, it was delayed, but InterAction Studios did not forget it, and they released it on the 15th of December, 2022.

Aside from Chicken Invaders Universe, some other main games and their expansions are also available on Steam, which we will link below!

Chicken Invaders Steam
Chicken Invaders Universe On Steam.

Major Points

  • Chicken Invaders Universe leaves Early Access and joins Steam after 4-years of release.
  • There are 12 other Chicken Invaders games on Steam, all of which come at a price.
  • Chicken Invaders Universe is currently the only free-to-play Chicken Invaders game on Steam.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, it is an MMO where you join the United Hero Force organization as a newbie and now fight against the evil Henpire(Hen+Empire). The game is perfect for those who love arcade games and comes at fair difficulty. 

Chicken Invaders Universe is even more remarkable in our case as it combines the classic feel of the series and adds vast customizability, along with an abundance of content for you to enjoy. Each stage adds difficulty to the previous one, and you never get bored with what you are getting.

The fact that this spin-off is not only free but is also available on Steam is a piece of great news. The game was in Early Access for 4-years, and it finally came out of those chains yesterday. So, we will likely see some addition to the features available in Early Access. If you didn’t know about them, they are listed as:

  • Customizable fleet – There are many combinations you can do with different spacecraft.
  • Regional stores – You can purchase supplies from the Galactic Store or even find Regional Store for lower prices.
  • Competitions – You can now compete with other players in Squadrons and participate in daily challenges for Activity leaderboards and much more.
  • Quests and Tiers – Gain points and access Quests to be rewarded with tiers and keys.
  • Galaxy exploration – A range of star systems, planets, and interstellar objects, waiting for you to explore them.
  • Randomly generated missions – The missions in the galaxy are randomly generated, so they consist of randomly generated waves and several enemies.

It has already added a lot to the existing series and is perfect for anyone who wants to get into Chicken Invaders. Sadly, the first main series game is unavailable on Steam. According to InterAction Studios, it is “not a good fit for steam” because it has compatibility issues since it’s an old game.

However, there are many others in the Chicken Invaders Complete Set, which you can get for 10% off.

That’s all for today. Do you enjoy playing Chicken Invaders? If so, will you get your hands on the game on Steam? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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