Character Design Leaked From NetEase’s Next Apocalyptic Game

Post-apocalyptic games have evolved vastly over time, and the genre is now one of the most immersive we have seen. Part of the reason is that we have seen some of the best hack-and-slash games and even those with the best stories that fall under this category. After looking at some reveals in The Game Awards 2022, the genre will remain alive for a while.

If you love post-apocalyptic games, then this will be perfect for you. Our team at TopTierList found some exciting character designs that belong to NetEase’s upcoming post-apocalyptic game, which look stunning. Although the art does not show anything regarding the game’s content, the character itself looks excellent and gives insight into what we can expect.

The character designs are taken from maniacarta, an artist on ArtStation, who developed the character in both ‘fantasy‘ and ‘realistic‘ settings for NetEase.

Character Design Leaked
Character Design.

Major Points

  • The character is made on Blender, and according to the artist’s description, it belongs to NetEase’s upcoming post-apocalyptic game.
  • We do not know what game this belongs to, but since the artist did not mention the name, it is likely unannounced.

Artist maniacarta posted character designs along with a description that said, “A Chinese character design I have developed for NetEase for their upcoming apocalyptic games. 2 different styles of design, fantasy and realistic.”

She did not mention exactly what game, but we got a hint from the tags, one of which was #cyberpunk. This does not mean the game has to be a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk game; the tags can mean anything. Still, we have something to speculate from.

NetEase is one of the dominating forces in the Chinese entertainment industry, so we can expect them to present us with something great. But we wouldn’t be too hopeful, as it feels like the game might be in the earliest stages. The artist made two versions of the same character, so maybe the company is still thinking of different ideas to implement in the game.

Shuyen NetEase Game
Character Design “Fantasy” Version.
NetEase Upcoming Game Design
Character Design “Realistic” Version.

So far, we see the fantasy and realistic versions of this character. The fantasy one looks pretty average, as it does not have too many accessories and has very short hair. On the other hand, the realistic version is a lot more delinquent-ish and has a massive weapon to go along with it.

In addition, the character’s name is likely Shuyen, as that is what it says in the title and the file on Blender. However, it is still subject to change since nothing is officially confirmed. Depending on what version of the character they pick, the name can be changed as well.

The two versions are polar opposites, so the game can go entirely sideways depending on what NetEase goes with. Since it is just a character design, NetEase can also just abandon the idea if they don’t see much potential here. The point is that it is too early to say anything. The character design is only here to show us what ideas NetEase is tinkering with and nothing more.

That’s all for now. What do you think of these character designs? Do you believe NetEase has something special cooking for gamers? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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