One of Microsoft’s Upcoming Games Might Take Over a Decade

Games can take a long time to develop, which is often reflected in the gameplay and the quality. If we take that analogy with one of Microsoft’s upcoming titles, there may be something huge cooking for us. However, we don’t know which title strictly. One of the recent documents by Microsoft reveals that one of their upcoming titles can take as much as a decade.

This news can go both ways, positive or negative, as when a studio takes that long to develop the game, we can expect them to pour their soul into it, but if it goes wrong, nothing can save it. Our team at TopTierList found this exciting piece of information from the recent filing Microsoft revealed to the FTC. Upon closer inspection, we have some titles in mind that might be referred to here.

Microsoft FTC
Statement In Microsoft’s Filing to the FTC.

Major Points

  • According to a recent filing, one of Microsoft’s games can take a decade to develop.
  • Although the name and specific details are all “[REDACTED],” it is highly likely that they are referring to The Elder Scrolls 6.
  • The filing says, “may take,” so the game may be finished before it reaches the decade mark.

Microsoft’s recent file to FTC revealed some interesting things, as it states [on page 9], “Microsoft’s own experience with releasing AAA games reflects the cost and time to develop such content. Halo Infinite, a recent title from the Microsoft’s first-party Halo franchise, was in production for [REDACTED] years, and cost almost [REDACTED] million. Other AAA games may take even longer to develop. For instance, according to one Microsoft executive, [REDACTED] a forthcoming title from the franchise [REDACTED], may take a [REDACTED] to develop. 

The specific details have been redacted due to being confidential, but there is a strong possibility the game in question is The Elder Scrolls 6. It was announced in 2018 and is rumored to release after Starfield. The latter is set to release sometime next year, so, The Elder Scrolls 6 might release in 2024-2025.

We don’t know how long the game was in development at the time of its official announcement. By the time it is released, the game might be a decade old already, or at least close to it. It is understandable in this game’s case because it is a top-rated franchise, and developers should take all the time they need.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date
The Elder Scrolls 6.

Still, it doesn’t mean the game will be continuously in development for a decade. The game could have been held off, similar to Metroid Dread, where the developers were just not ready to invest in it. But this isn’t Metroid Dread; people knew there would eventually be The Elder Scrolls 6, which is also why it was announced.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim did great, and it created this situation where it continued to be a financially viable option, resulting in less likelihood of a sequel anytime soon. The franchise is not only a classic, but it even rivals some of the current AAA games.

Gamers have played it on three generations of both PlayStation and Xbox, not to mention the many other ports it has on other platforms. Our reasoning for telling you all this is to show why this game is most likely the one mentioned in the file. Even Todd Howard said it is the game that can last us decades.

On the off chance this is another title, we are simply in the dark. Microsoft may have other plans in mind, and this might as well be a completely new IP or another similar game since Microsoft is doing its best to take on the entire industry.

Regardless, we can expect them to do big things with The Elder Scrolls 6, and if this isn’t it, then we may have a title lurking in the shadows, ready to surprise us at the right time. What do you think they are referring to? Do you think spending that long on a title is a good thing? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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