The Toxic Side of Gaming Strikes God of War Ragnarok’s Reviews

God of War Ragnarök is everything we ever hoped for and is now a contender to become the Game of the Year. Although that in itself is a considerable feat, many gamers are upset as they believe other games deserve that title even more. That has started the never-ending debate of Elden Ring Vs. GoW Ragnarök.

Such competition is harmless and fun, but when it becomes very toxic, that’s when the problem starts. The gamers have yet again gone too far and begun review-bombing God of War Ragnarök to bring it down and lift their favorite games.

The problem is that this goes both ways, and if Ragnarök gets terrible reviews, fans will try to review bomb games like Elden Ring as well. Our team at TopTierList is bringing you the full context of the situation and showing you how much God of War Ragnarök has fallen on Metacritic.

Major Points

  • Many gamers have ill intent towards the contender of the GOTY Award and have started review-bombing God of War Ragnarök, hoping to bring it down.
  • They are leaving behind jokes, poor comments, and illogical reasons for their 0/10 rating.
  • This has caused the game to fall down to a 7.9 rating for PlayStation 5 and a 6.1 rating for PlayStation 4.

A joyous and harmless event like The Game Awards is meant to uplift some titles and be a platform where gamers worldwide can celebrate the games that came throughout the year. Still, the fans have somehow made that competitive and left many 0 rating scores on Metacritic for both PS5 and PS4 versions of Ragnarök.

Although the developers have said no words regarding this, it will surely divide the community further. Many people enjoy all the GOTY contenders, as there is a reason why they are on top. Still, we have to witness something like this.

Due to that, Ragnarök’s PS5 user rating on Metacritic has fallen down to 7.9, which is implausible at best, and PS4 is at 6.1. This can cause some Ragnarök fans to leave bad reviews on other games like Elden Ring as well, but the effect on them is not as noticeable as this.

GoW Ragnarok Review Bombed
God of War Ragnarok Rating On Metacritic.

Upon glancing at the reviews, one user stated, “Story-wise, this game is a boring and complete fail. Pretty? Yes, but boring, and no idea why professional reviewers give this a top score.” 

On the other hand, some bashed other similar top games by saying, “Sony Santa Monica got the same disease that made Naughty Dog create the horrible TLOU2.” and even justified the review by saying, “All the negative reviews are the real thing. This game was made by incompetents or the same people and deliberately made it terrible.

People also suggested other games while looking down on Ragnarök, This God of war is just a Fake Ragnarok, nothing happens from the beginning to the end, and we take no pleasure to play, go take Sonic Frontiers instead; there is gameplay at least there.

Many of these don’t make sense because some people did not even bother changing the reviews and left them on both PlayStation versions. Combinedly, there are over 1.2k negative reviews with over 5k good ones. While that may seem okay for some, this game is on top of the charts and almost on equal footing with Elden Ring as the Game of the Year.

But we aren’t unfamiliar with this, many similar situations have surged in the past, and they just come and go. We can’t do anything about it except for supporting the creators and trying our best not to be compelled to do that ourselves. Competition aside, who do you think is most likely to win the award? And will this review bomb be enough to knock Ragnarök out of the competition?

Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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