Microsoft Introduces Cashback, a New Program Part of “Rewards”

Microsoft has its hands full with many things, and we gamers have our wallets ready for the games coming next year. Microsoft has a dedicated consumer base for its gaming sector and has now decided to give back to the community to thank them for their loyalty. And although we use the word gaming, this should apply to everyone that purchases any of Microsoft’s services.

They just introduced Microsoft Cashback, which is now part of the Microsoft Rewards. This now enables the Rewards users to earn cash back for any eligible purchase of Microsoft’s services. If you are a Rewards user and did not know about this, worry not because a majority of the users reported this news ending up in their spam.

It is for that reason our team at TopTierList highlighted this information to notify every one of you.

Microsoft Rewards
The Email That Microsoft sent.

Major Points

  • Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Cashback, which was in Beta for around two-and-half years under the name Microsoft Bing Rebates.
  • Microsoft Cashback will be implemented within 14 days of receiving that email.
  • Although it is unclear which regions can benefit from it, users from the US and UK have reported receiving the email.

Microsoft has found another way to make its community a bit happier with its services, and for anyone who complains about how this works, it is straightforward with the least drawbacks. The cashback is the amount generated once you purchase their services. You can transfer that amount to your PayPal if the purchase is eligible.

We also took a deeper dive and discovered this was initially in Beta for two-and-half years under the name Microsoft Bing Rebates. Since it is still new under the banner of Microsoft Cashback, we can expect other options, like a gift card, sooner or later. The curtains will unveil in 14 days, and then we can finally evaluate what they have in store for us.

According to the email, the cashback amount should be visible if you use Microsoft’s services, Bing and Edge (we doubt you do). If you don’t use them, we don’t think it will affect your cashback in any way. 

Microsoft Rewards.
The Microsoft Cashback Page on Rewards.

If you did not receive any such email, you can check it in your spam or trash folder because, for some reason, they are labeled as phishing. Additionally, users from the US and UK have reported getting the email, so if you are from there, you probably should have it as well. If you still don’t, you can reach their support and let us know so we can better understand this program.

Last but not least, you need to accept the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Cashback and Rewards and be an active user of Rewards to take advantage of this service. So, will you be using this service when it goes live? And are you excited about the initiative Microsoft has taken? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you.

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