GTA Vice City Fan Gives It An Unreal Engine 5 Makeover

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a classic game and one that undoubtedly made many old gamers fall for the franchise. Even though it cannot be compared to the sequels in terms of graphics, Grand Theft Auto Vice City had a beauty of its own and paved the way for future games.

Still, if you were to wonder what that old classic would look like with the latest graphics, the result may look crazy in your head. But a fan managed to recreate the opening scene of GTA Vice City on Unreal Engine 5, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

YouTuber TeaserPlay brought this beauty to the existence, and he has been doing so with many other old titles. His work transcends to the Original God of War Remake, Max Payne 2 Remake, Bully Remake, and so much more. Such talent is much needed in the community, and TeaserPlay is using it best. 

Major Points

  • A talented gamer took matters into his own hands as he made the GTA Vice City intro on Unreal Engine 5.
  • The game looks terrific and shows how if remade in such a way, it has the potential to compete with many recent titles.

TeaserPlay has shown us what an independent creator can do if he puts his heart into it. In comparison, Rockstar Games had their own take when they released Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, but if we look at this, the massive studio’s work pales in comparison.

Granted, it is only a cutscene, and we are talking about a full-scale game, but doing so should not be as big of a hassle for Rockstar Games as we think. Not to mention, the trilogy is still popular to this day, and even the remake would have sold great.

But that’s water under the bridge at this point; what we can look forward to is Grand Theft Auto 6. It is still under development, and before you start judging it based on the leaks, it promises something unique to the series, and we are most certainly looking forward to it.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City UE5
Tommy Vercetti Recreated On Unreal Engine 5 – Via TeaserPlay

Nonetheless, our weary old heart would still love it if they pay some attention to older titles for an upcoming anniversary after GTA 6, but that’s likely wishful thinking. We don’t even know when GTA 6 will be released, and we haven’t received a trailer to keep ourselves contended. 

So, let’s all remain patient and support creators like TeaserPlay for bringing forward such creations. Do you think Rockstar Games should remake the original trilogy this way? In your opinion, which one of them is most deserving of a remake of such scale? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you.

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