New Concept Arts From “The Nhaga Eater” Emerge Online

One of the upcoming titles many people are excited about is a game based on the Korean Fantasy Novel The Bird That Drinks Tears, called The Nhaga Eater. However, the name is not exactly official as it is still an Unannounced title by the developer studio KRAFTON. The same studio brought us PUBG, so we have high expectations of their endeavors.

Though the details are scarce for The Nhaga Eater, our team at TopTierList does well in bringing forward the various concept arts and similar leaks to give to you. We previously talked about the initial concept arts and then some character designs of Nhagas. But now, we have more arts that reveal new characters, and our main character in different attires.

The concept arts are presented by Reddit user LongJonSilver, who is also responsible for the previous concept arts for the same game. 

New concepts for Krafton’s unannounced game from LeaksAndRumors

Major Points

  • Concept arts reveal the main character in various attires and weapons, further clarifying that the game is likely an RPG.
  • There is concept art of two new characters who are also part of the rescue squad with our main character.
  • The weapon arts still cannot confirm whether we will have different classes.

The concept arts contain character designs and weapon designs, but they give little insight into the contents of the gameplay. But that is to be expected as concept arts are not the best source to get such information from. However, we do have some potential hints that can help us understand customization and the RPG elements.

The Nhaga Eater Armors
The Nhaga Eater Concept Art #1.

The first four images reveal a full-body design of the main character, along with various attires. Due to the game’s theme, they can be different armor sets. After looking further into them, we can say that flashy armor may not be a thing here, but these still complement the character well.

The Nhaga Eater Weapon Designs
The Nhaga Eater Concept Art #2.

The following two images from the post reveal different weapons, but it is unclear which weapon class they may belong to. Some look straight up like a Greatsword, and others are more curved, like the Curved Greatsword from Elden Ring. These two can be our only classes, or perhaps a few more classes will be added since the game has a long way to go before release.

Nhaga Eater Map
The Nhaga Eater Concept Art #3.

After that, we have a new character who may not be new to those that have read the novel. The character seems cheerful and can be an NPC or part of our team. Since the character has a lot of papers, he can even be a guide.

The Nhaga Eater Greataxe Character
The Nhaga Eater Concept Art #4.

Next up, we have a bulky chicken character, and aside from his enormous build, you may notice his Greataxe is also massive. As we are unfamiliar with the novel’s characters, he can also be someone important. If you know who he is, do let us know below!

Nhaga Eater Enemy Designs
The Nhaga Eater Concept Art #5.

Last but not least, we even have similar-looking people with various weapons. They can either be enemies or villagers, but we can’t be too sure about that.

Some of these characters were revealed in previous concept art, but they were shown in cinematic scenes, which may or may not be part of the game. Here we have a closer look at them, allowing us to check their design much better.

Even though we tried our best to cover each of these to the best of our abilities, we may have missed some details. So, do share what you know about them below, and we will discuss it with you!

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