Concept Art From Krafton’s Unannounced Project Emerge Online

Krafton, Inc., is best known for its famous creation, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG. While many may not be aware of their other work, they have something special cooking that may blow away our minds.

Their Witcher 3-inspired game, based on the best-selling novel The Bird That Drinks Tears, is undoubtedly an ambitious project and one we are patiently waiting for. It will have its own fantasy world, many characters with profound lore, and some conflicting beliefs that will leave you questioning morality in-game.

Though we know all that from the novel, very little is known about this project besides the extensive details we discussed. But we may have something to feast our eyes upon as the concept art from the game emerges on a Reddit post, which our team at TopTierList found.

Unannounced project from Krafton fantasy universe from LeaksAndRumors

Major Points

  • Concept art from Krafton’s Unannounced project has been revealed on Reddit, potentially showing some characters from an early trailer.
  • Although the concept art doesn’t give much info on the game’s content, it shows an integral part of character design, specifically of the Nhaga race.

A few months ago, we received a trailer for the game, and it quickly became known as The Nhaga Eater due to the title. Since that name is not confirmed, we can’t call it that yet, and as for the Nhaga we saw being killed in the trailer, the concept art may be theirs.

The Nhaga Eater.
Nhaga Characters Concept Art.

In this image, the three Nhaga heavily resemble the beheaded ones we saw in the trailer. Although we can’t be sure since members of this race share a remarkable resemblance, the only way we can differentiate them is through the ornaments and weapons they wield. Even so, the middle character is identical, while the ones on the side seem like they may have changed their position in the trailer.

Krafton Unannounced Nhaga Game
Concept Art of Different Members of Nhaga Race.

Other images show different members, likely elders of this race, and another Nhaga with monkeys behind her. These characters are well-drawn, and the sheer amount of details, both from the concept arts and their portrayal in the trailer, gives some positive insight into how the game might look like.

Still, we will have to wait and see before reaching any conclusion. As for the images, what are your thoughts after looking at them? Do you think members of other races will look just as cool as this? Share your thoughts with us, and we will get back to you!

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