God of War Ragnarök Sold 90K Physical Copies in Spain Alone

It has barely been two weeks, and the numbers for God of War Ragnarök are off the charts. It recently came in the Top 10 of Famitsu’s Weekly Sales Report, with multiple platforms. Not to mention, the game has seen nothing but praise, which is well-deserved for the gameplay and story.

The game has continued to gain successful numbers globally, and just to give you a scope of their sales, God of War Ragnarök has sold 90k copies in Spain alone. While that number may not sound impressive, it is amazing for just one week, and don’t forget we are talking about physical sales in just one country.

GoW Ragnarok Physical Sales
God of War Ragnarök – Thor Vs. Kratos

Major Points

  • The PlayStation 5 version of God of War Ragnarök has 55k copies sold in Spain, while PlayStation 4 version is at 35k.
  • After comparing these numbers to some other significant titles, God of War Ragnarök completely outshines them.
  • It should be noted that these numbers are from the 1st week, and it is highly likely that the game is now best-selling in Spain.

The data was taken from a neogaf thread by our team at TopTierList. It is from a few days ago, covering only the first week of the game’s physical sales. Even then, it is possible that it sold more than Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Last of Us 2, mostly since digital sales were not as good back then.

In addition, God of War 2018 sold only 67k physical copies when PlayStation 4 was on the market for around four and a half years, when the market was heavily in favor of physical sales. Ragnarök has sold 55k copies on PlayStation 5 alone. It is surprising since the demand now is much weaker for physical sales.

God of War Ragnarok Spain Sales
List of Top-Selling Games In Spain.

These results are insane for the game, and they will look even better in countries like the USA and Germany. In comparison, Gran Turismo 5 has sold 92k physical copies, while The Last of Us Part 2 has sold 90k on PlayStation 4. 

There are many others, but God of War Ragnarök just threw them out of the park and will continue to top the charts for a long time. But if we compare the overall numbers with an extended period, Ragnarök will have some competition, but with how it’s going, there is no doubt it will rank on top.

What do you think of God of War Ragnarök’s massive success in Spain? Do you think it will dominate the market in other countries as well? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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