It Seems That Crash 4 Is Finally Making Its Way To Steam

The Crash Bandicoot game franchise, developed by Naughty Dog, was inducted as a Playstation-exclusive title thanks to the rights held by Sony at the time. Its reiterations have since made their way down to a wider array of platforms, thus making the iconic series much more accessible. A large contributor to the added support is that Sony is no longer the owner of the rights to the series.

The Essence Of The Crash Series

Dynamic, easy-to-grasp gameplay, a colorful setting, and the ability to play co-op or join an extensive multiplayer community meant that the series quickly gained traction upon its arrival. It is civeted as one of the all-time greats in the gaming industry.

Key Pointers

  • The Crash series has proved to capture the hearts of gamers worldwide.
  • The simplistic gameplay and added platform support are meant to have a massive fan base.
  • Crash 4 It’s About Time is making its way to Steam.
  • We here at TopTierList also mentioned the likelihood earlier on in previous months.

The Wait Is Finally Over

The arduous wait may finally be over. Crash 4 is very well on its way to steam soon!

A recent video release by youtube Canadian Guy Eh unveils a care package sent by EA. The box in question seems to confirm Crash 4’s eventual release on steam in the coming days. 

The Contents Of The Package

The package itself is neat. A pizza box with the key phrase “Steam” branded on it houses the contents complimenting the theme of the unboxing. A large mousepad for PC gaming use, one specially designed with Crash branding, only adds to the customized announcement of the arrival of the series to steam.

We love the personalized and extremely clever way to reveal the game launch on Steam! We here at TopTierList had written an article about the likelihood that Crash 4 is coming to Steam, thanks to our highly capable writer. The accuracy of it, as depicted by the recent development, has surely left us proud of our work. 

Wumpa League Teased

Aside from the obvious indications that the game is arriving on Steam, the package also leaves another clue. It gives an insight into the possibility of the Wumpa League. For those unfamiliar, Wumpa League was meant to be an add-on to the game to provide a multiplier experience like no other. The box suggests that plans are underway to ensure it is still released.

Concluding Remarks

The long-awaited race to bring the series over to Steam has, it appears, ended. The game’s inclusion on the Steam marketplace will surely attract a lot of attention once the game is released. How excited are you to play the upcoming installment? 

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