Leak Suggests Development of 2 Crash Bandicoot Games

Crash Bandicoot – The epitome of the late 90s gaming era, it has continued to spark joy in the hearts of young and adults alike. The series was originally developed by Naughty Dogs as a PlayStation exclusive. Due to the massive success the first game had in 1996, more installments were brought to life and on multiple platforms.

About Crash Bandicoot

Over time, the game has seen the hands of various developers, yet it still dominated the different platforms at that time. The series was produced initially by Universal Interactive, later becoming Vivendi Games; which merged with Activision, and so they own and publish the franchise.

Although it is an old game, it still has some fans from the new generation, but if you are unaware of what the game has; it was mostly set in the fictional land of Wumpa Islands, an archipelago located in the south of Australia. Humans and mutant animals co-exist in these lands, and among them, our protagonist is a genetically enhanced bandicoot named Crash. He lives a normal life whenever he is not interrupted by his enemy, Doctor Neo Cortex. Doctor Neo created Crash and wants him dead.

It may seem dark when you read it, but the game has very adventurous, and if you thought the series is now dead with no sequels coming, you would be dead wrong.

Key Takeaways

  • There might be 2 Crash Bandicoot Games in development.
  • Previous speculations and rumors hint at a “Wumpa League,” game and mainline “Crash Bandicoot 5.”
  • The leak aligns with some easter eggs, and crumbs we found from Toys For Bob.

The 2 Crash Bandicoot Games

Thanks to the capable eyes at TopTierList, a tweet reply by The Insider was spotted, and it states that there are “Actually 2 Crash games in development.” We have known for quite some time that there will eventually be a sequel. The Insider adds further hope to this as he has been certain about many things, including leaking the entire Assassin’s Creed lineup in UbiForward.


Now, this aligns with some easter eggs we had in the previous Crash Bandicoot game, which sparked the rumors of a new Wumpa League game. If you are unaware, the Wumpa League was a separate Crash Bandicoot game, or an add-on to Crash 4, the details on the specifics are hazy and unconfirmed. The insiders have given their fair share of information, and it further aligns with the TV easter egg from Crash 4.

The logo of potentially the upcoming game can only be seen for a split second, and it can be seen multiple times after hitting it in a sequence. The only catch is that it works if you have beat 106% of the game.

Toys For Bob Hired for an Upcoming Project

In addition, there were also job listings in the past that hinted toward potential hiring for the new Crash game. Although it is now closed, the URL still exists and can be found here. The reason it pointed towards a new Crash game is because of how it was written.

We can take their other job listing for Senior Lighting Artist as an example, here it is clearly mentioned that the applicant will be working on a Call of Duty project, but the older one had no mention of it. Considering the games they handle, the most feasible answer is Crash Bandicoot.

If you don’t know about Toys For Bob, it is a video game developer company under Activision and has worked on notable titles, including Call of Duty, and Crash 4.

In Conclusion

It is likely that these 2 games are not recent news, but have been under development for quite some time. Still, we should wait for official confirmation, so take the leaks with a pinch of salt. As excited as we are, what are your thoughts on these rumored games? Do you think they will revive the franchise and live up to the previous installments? Let us know below and we will get back to you!

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