Cyberpunk Sequel to Take Different Approach for Better Results

We all know what happens when a game is released in an incomplete state disaster. That is exactly what happened with Cyberpunk 2077, released on the 10th of December. At first, many fans were happy to get the game, but their smiles turned upside down.

Cyberpunk 2077 was riddled with bugs, glitches, and many game-breaking things, making players regret even purchasing it. At that time, some hopeful fans held their hopes together for the day these would be fixed. While most of those have been patched, the game is still far from perfection, but it doesn’t need to achieve that.

We recently saw how the Netflix adaptation of Cyberpunk 2077, called Cyberpunk: Edgerunners has revived the game. So much so that Cyberpunk 2077 reached 1m daily players, which we would have laughed at if you had told us a year ago.

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Good, Now a Fact

If you are one of those that loved the game even in its past state, you don’t need to hide your taste anymore. It seems like now the game is one of the best, and the statistics show that. While it had a rough start, the game is close to the state it was meant for.

We even had Phantom Liberty DLC revealed recently, and as the game gets more content, it is bound to reach even bigger heights. But today, we are here to talk about CD PROJEKT RED’s future plans for Cyberpunk 2077, which looks extremely promising.

Major Points

  • Cyberpunk 2077 will get a sequel, currently codenamed Orion.
  • It will be the next step in Cyberpunk 2077’s dark universe.
  • CD PROJEKT RED will take a better approach to this game to avoid what happened with Cyberpunk.

The Future of Cyberpunk 2077

CD PROJEKT RED revealed other titles along with Orion, but we won’t talk about them today. The Cyberpunk sequel is still shrouded in mystery. Although it is revealed and in development, we still do not have any other information than the fact that it is a sequel.

However, our team at TopTierList caught some exciting details from one of their videos, giving a deep dive into their game development and technology. We are here to share those with you!

The developers have started to take a new and improved stance under the guidelines of good engineering practices. That means the core systems should work from the beginning and not be developed in parallel. In addition, improvements must be made constantly, and all targets must be prioritized.

They further added:

One example of this approach is the “always working game rule” which we follow, and which is also known in agile methodologies. It enables us to iterate and address various project risks at an early stage of development. Owing to the interdisciplinary character of our teams, we now enjoy a broader perspective, and individual aspects of the production process may proceed in parallel without undue hassle. Building complete gameplay features from the ground up by composing aspects such as control, animation or UI enables us to test them thoroughly and iterate upon them many times over.

They acknowledge that the development process has significant risks in stability and performance regarding various platforms. The always-working game rules’ also apply here. So, they want to create a game that not only prefers the developer’s PC build but is made for all platforms.

In addition, they want to involve the users more during the development process and will set up a usability lab to ensure that everything goes as desired. Although this is surely something to be excited over, it should be noted that these changes will only be noticeable after several years.

Ending Remarks

CD PROJEKT RED has decided to take a new approach toward the future of Cyberpunk and potentially their other IPs. Perhaps in the coming years, we will see this approach becoming more apparent. It is an excellent new perspective by the developers and one we look forward to.

Are you as excited as us for the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel? What do you think the plot will be? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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