Pokemon Leak Shows TM’s Are Back to Being Single Use Items

Pokemon is one of the biggest video game franchises today. With a massive history and several titles, it has repeatedly wooed fans into returning to it. However, some recent decisions made at Nintendo may have sparked a little fury in some players’ hearts.

If you are a massive pokemon fan, then you are likely already aware of the new generation of pokemon making their way through Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon Sun and Moon did relatively well compared to the Sword and Shield generation. It was because some players were not fans of the changes made to some of the mechanics.

Pokemon has not seen that much hype since Pokemon Go or Detective Pikachu. However, the new Scarlet and Violet is something you shouldn’t sleep on. It is introducing some major changes to the games’ mechanics once again.

TM’s Usage

We at TopTierList were able to find a tweet made by @CentroLeaks which revealed some pretty major information about the newest title. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, TM’s are back to single-use items.

TM’s are items you use in the game to teach pokemon moves they otherwise wouldn’t learn. They are often seen as useful in helping you speed up through the long grinding phase in the Pokemon games.

They are not so powerful that they would completely break the game. However, they are definitely useful in building the ideal team you would normally use in the story and multiplayer battles.

The Gist of it All

  • TM’s are no longer multi-use items in the new pokemon title.
  • TM’s will be craftable at Pokemon centers in the new title.

Craftable TM’s

However, all is not lost. In addition to that news, a new mechanic is also being introduced in the game. TM’s will now be craftable at pokemon centers thanks to a new machine called the “TM Machine.”

You will need a lot of League Points to make these TMs, so there is another grinding aspect being added indirectly. It is still yet to be seen whether this new mechanic will make a big difference in how this changes the flow of the game. This is because TRs have not been altered as of yet, which were very powerful in Sword and Shield.

Player’s Reactions

As you would expect, most players are unhappy about this decision. TM’s were formerly single-use items from Generation 1 to Generation 4. They were items found in the wild, and only one of each was given to the player for the entire game.

The players don’t seem too keen to go back to that mechanic. In the short time that the tweet has been up, many players have been confused as to why this change was made. Some players are saying that this is a huge step back for the pokemon games, while others are simply disappointed.

Ending Note

As a player, this does feel like a downgrade, but the idea of adding craftables in a game like a pokemon doesn’t seem too bad. But still, let me know what you think of this new change in the comments below. Let’s hope this title isn’t history repeating itself from the last title.

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