Mario’s Look In The Upcoming Mario Movie Supposedly Leaked

Super Mario came into existence thanks to the bright minds at Nintendo, starring the ever-so-famous Mario. It remained a necessity for every Nintendo console that has since seen the light of production. Around the globe, it proved to be a huge success and prompted the sales of Nintendo consoles.

An Iconic Franchise From The Get-Go

The prospect that someone may be oblivious to the existence of the Super Mario series is mind-boggling. The series took on the role of entertaining players worldwide regardless of their preference of genre, ultimately becoming a household staple at its peak.

SuperMario cover showcase

While the series has dwindled a tad bit from a popularity aspect, the spirit of Mario is still retained by gamers. Coupled with the feeling of nostalgia, the community has largely remained active and added content through mods or officially, along with enthusiastic revisiting players, who have ensured the series stays alive.

Salient Features

  • The Mario game franchise proved to hold immense sentimental value for players globally.
  • A consistent and active community has helped keep its spirit of Mario decently intact.
  • It appears we may have a first look at Mario from the upcoming Mario movie.

An Increase In Games Turned Movies

A growing trend seems to be taking shape in recent times. Developers of popular games sell their rights to a production house to increase market share via the entertainment industry. The most recent example could be Detective Pikachu, a game now nearing release as a full-fledged movie.

Similar instances have occurred with the likes of Sonic. A game with an immense presence in the majority of everyone’s gaming life, renditioned into a movie format in a bid to increase reach. This shift, while contentious for some, is seemingly expected given the highly competitive gaming market.

The Witcher being cast as a full-production series on Netflix only adds to the plethora of franchises falling under the upcoming shift to profit maximization and extended reach.

A Sneak-peek Of Mario From the Mario Movie

With the all-time famous Mario franchise being cast for a movie, it appears that we may have our first look at what we can expect.

The leak spotted by TopTierList courtesy of Twitter user connoreatspants gives us the first public look at what is likely Mario’s look in the upcoming movie. It seems that Mcdonald’s may have inadvertently caused a rather substantial leak!

The comments below are seemingly unanimous with the opinion of this user above. Generally speaking, people are not necessarily disappointed with how Mario has been reimagined as a movie character. It is probably down to the alien feeling of seeing a childhood figure be renditioned in such a way that has left a few people on the fence.


Do you agree with the ongoing market trend with this wave of games turned into movies? What video game series do you see next being cast as a movie? Does Mario’s rendition underwhelm you in any way? Let us know down below!

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