Leak Suggests Detective Pikachu 2 Is Supposedly Nearing Release

Detective Pikachu set out to allow gamers to interact with their virtual Pikachu in quest of solving various mysteries and taking part in challenges, much like the Pokemon franchise it is inspired by. Developed by Creatures Inc, published under The Pokemon Company, and distributed solely by Nintendo, thus being a 3DS-only game, the game quickly became a favorite of the handheld console.

Early Success

The Detective Pikachu for the 3ds didn’t exactly flunk the charts. The game averaged an impressive 15 million copies in sales, advertised on the fandom site here and sold by the company as of December last year. Reviews were on the bright side, too, with the game averaging an impressive 4.4 out of 5 stars, and users left satisfied with the game’s easy-to-grasp yet dynamic gameplay.

Salient Points

  • Detective Pokemon quickly became a fan favorite for the 3DS.
  • Job postings and Switch announcements raise hype for the game.
  • Leak suggests a second iteration of the series is under development and on its way soon.

A New Addition To The Franchise

A recent development spotted by TopTierList, thanks to a user on the famiboards website by the name Metallord, outlines what could be the potential sequel to the Detective Pikachu line-up. The thread discusses what could be the parameters by which the game may be released and the prospect of whether it even is likely.

Detective Pokemon 2 leak thread showcase
Detective Pokemon 2 leak

A recent job listing on LinkedIn by one of the game developers has ignited hopes for a potential sequel to be bestowed upon gamers. Despite it, one can safely assume that an official announcement will likely be made next year regarding the game’s inaugurations.

Casted Of Its Movie

The casting of Detective Pikachu into a movie in itself helped boost sales. The film followed the same premise as the game; the player, in the movie case, the trainer, works with Pikachu to complete missions and go on conquests, ultimately rewarded.

One can lead to the conclusion that the upcoming title will aim to follow up on the plot of the movie and help bring a decision to the storyline. The decision to base a movie on a game also proved beneficial for the industry in general. Seeing the success, many other developers have considered lending their IP rights to a production house for their games to be turned into a movie.

Concluding Remarks

It is hoped that the next installment follows through with the same ideology that made the original Detective Pikachu so desirable. What would you like to be seen added to the game? Do you think the second game will hit off with the same level of success as the original? Let us know in the comments down below.

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