PICO 4, the Next-Generation All-In-One VR Headset Is Here

Virtual Reality – What many consider the future of technology has also been doing great in gaming. We have the PlayStation VR, Meta Quest 2, and so much more, but now, it seems like even they have a tough competition coming up.

PICO just announced its latest product, named PICO 4, and it offers some amazing things. On the surface, it may become the headset to overtake even Meta Quest 2, one of the reigning VR headsets for gaming.

About PICO 4

The live stream ended a few hours ago, and it showed the many things coming in the new PICO 4. First off, it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset. However, the most underrated quality is definitely its ultra-lightweight body, which can be your best friend for long hours. It has a pancake lens, a 4K+ resolution display, and an intuitive user experience.

In addition, it will come in two different storage types.

  1. 8GB + 128GB
  2. 8GB + 256GB

Main Points
  • The new PICO 4 is innovative and outclasses the competitors on many levels.
  • Its ultra-lightweight should be perfect for long hours of gaming.
  • Unfortunately, it won’t be coming to the US yet.

Prioritizing Comfort

Its compact and lightweight design makes it the lightest VR headset in the history of PICO, weighing only 295g without straps. It has compacted the housing so much that it is only 35.8mm at the thinnest part. Not only that, but it comes with straps that you can adjust using the wheel. The lining of the cushion has excellent material for sweat absorption and keeps the skin cool and dry on contact.

It also comes with a high-capacity battery, allowing you to play for as long as 3 hours, one of the highest standards in the industry. We admit the VR headsets are not ergonomically optimal, but with the lightweight, PICO 4 should not cause an issue.

But it doesn’t sacrifice the hardware for this comfort, which you can see for yourself below.

Entertainment and Advanced Technology

The PICO store provides a diverse and vast library of games, social, and other videos. They are also planning to release more titles through the SteamVR, making it only better for the future. There is even a PICO Fitness Program for those interested. But we know where the gamers’ interest lie, so we won’t bore you with that.

It consists of many popular game titles, and since the product is partnered with Wave, it also brings a great musical experience for all virtual reality lovers. In addition, the four SLAM cameras around its thin frame give it a stylish look while enabling precision tracking and mapping of the surrounding environment.

It also offers a fresh rate of 90Hz and a screen that can render 4K and beyond, boasting an unparalleled visual quality. There is a 16MP RGB camera for vibrant colors beneath the HMD. Combine that with the specs and battery life we mentioned above, and you have a beast.

The PICO 4 controller has a rotating arc column that strategically positions the infrared sensors. It is designed structurally so that you can operate it easily with your hands close to it, without the risk of damaging any components. The controller also supports 6DoF, allowing you to enjoy motion within the VR environment, and of course, HyberSense motors so you can feel the realistic tactile feedback.

In Conclusion

PICO 4 shows that the company has a great innovative product ahead, and it is there to compete with the best that VR headsets have to offer. The fact that it will provide more games over time shows that not only is PICO 4 here to reign among the top VR headsets but also here to stay there for a long time.

It will be available at different times in various countries, so it’s best if you can check out more in their live stream above. In the meantime, what do you think will the PICO 4 do? It may be fantastic, but can it be marketed so well that people buy it without hesitation? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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