Early Build of the Unreleased de Blob DS Game Leaks Online

The never before seen footage of the early build has been leaked on Twitter

de Blob is a classic puzzle-platform game where you explore and liberate a city infested with aliens, known as monochromatic INKT Corporation. The evil corporation has taken over the city and removed the joy and colour from it. The main character, de Blob, goes on a journey to fill the fictional Chroma City with colours, eventually freeing it from the evil corporation.

Even though it is not a very old game, it is considered a classic and has much history, some of which was thought to be lost in time. The Wii version of the game was developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment, while the Nintendo DS version by Helixe was cancelled for some reason.

The Nintendo DS version has forever remained a lost treasure for de Blob fans. We have neither played the DS version nor have we seen any of the content from it. That should end now as our team at TopTierList found footage of the early build of the unreleased game, posted by Twitter user Pan-Pizza.

Major Points

  • Footage of the unreleased de Blob DS game has been leaked on Twitter.
  • The Twitter user claims that someone sent him the early build a while ago, though he did not disclose the contents in the tweet other than the footage.
  • He made no further comments on whether he would share the build publicly.

Pan-Pizza is a notable personality in the classic gaming community. He has a massive following on social media platforms, and his content mostly focuses on 2000s games and animations. Perhaps because of that following, someone decided to give him the early build of the de Blob DS version.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter where he got it from. He has tweeted short footage from the game, and it looks every bit as good as we hoped it would. Pan-Pizza claims that he received the early build a while ago, but forgot about posting it.

After searching extensively, we can also confidently say that not even a single photo or video of this game can be found anywhere on the internet. As such, this is a never before seen footage, and we only hope Pan-Pizza posts the early build so maybe others can enjoy it.

It has been almost 15 years since the Wii version was released. It became popular and found great success, turning it into a video game series. There have been instances when they could have released de Blob‘s DS version later on, as they released the 2nd instalment on DS as well.

Nonetheless, the treasure has now finally been found, and we can at least be relieved that an early build exists somewhere, and we will most likely be able to play it eventually. Though Pan-Pizza made no comments about sharing it publicly, we can only be hopeful that someone will.

That is all for today. What are your thoughts after seeing the footage? Do you think the DS version should have never been cancelled? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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