Microsoft Might Have a Major Announcement at Super Bowl LVII

Considering the big stage, it can be the perfect place to market Starfield.

We are halfway through the first month of 2023, and less than 2 weeks remain till the Developer_Direct. Though we know what kind of announcements will be made during the direct, we know for a fact that Starfield will not be part of it. They have some other plans set for it, and it will get its own stand-alone showcase.

Keeping that in mind, our team at TopTierList found an exciting tweet by Spanish leaker eXtas1s, who leaked the game Overdose, and previously revealed Redfall‘s release date. According to him, there have been many rumors on his side that Microsoft will make an announcement at Super Bowl LVII.

It is normal for a company as big as Microsoft to have a commercial scheduled during a major event like that. However, if we see their projects coming soon, it can be the perfect place for them to announce something related to Starfield.

Major Points

  • An insider has revealed that Microsoft might have an announcement at the Super Bowl LVII.
  • Though there are no mentions of what they might announce, it will most likely be something related to Starfield.
  • If not, they can potentially reveal their projects set to release after their current lineup.

Insider eXtas1s tweeted in Spanish, which our team translated as, “I’m getting a lot of RUMORS, I repeat RUMORS, that Xbox/Microsoft might have an announcement at SuperBowl LVII 2023.” He followed it up by saying that additional details would be discussed in his upcoming video.

Microsoft has many titles in its 2023 lineup; some of them will be confirmed with a release date in the Developer_Direct on the 25th of January. On the other hand, Starfield is one of the bigger projects as compared to others, and to acknowledge that, Xbox will have a separate showcase dedicated entirely to the game.

But that doesn’t mean they cannot make mentions or some teasers of the game prior to that showcase. We already have many rumors and words from notable insiders that the game will likely release in June. Not to mention, Starfield‘s support page itself mentions that the game will be released in the “first-half” of 2023.

As such, Super Bowl LVII seems like an ideal spot for Microsoft to start the marketing campaign for the game. Super Bowl LVII starts in less than a month, and once the Developer_Direct finishes, we can better understand what things Microsoft has left to announce.

Starfield Release Date
Bethesda’s Starfield.

If you aren’t familiar with their upcoming games, they have many titles, but one that still hasn’t been announced, nor has many leaked details, is Hi-Fi Rush. It is a Sci-Fi Shooter game by ZeniMax, and according to some rumors, it should be launched by the end of 2023. So, even a Hi-Fi Rush reveal seems possible, but we can’t confirm until we see the upcoming Direct.

Microsoft has many plans this year, and we should get much more stuff to be hyped for as we progress further. And before we end this article, you can check eXtas1s’ upcoming video for more details! But we would like to know what you think Microsoft can announce there. Do you think this announcement might be unrelated to their gaming side? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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