Redfall Targeting A May 2nd Release, Insider Confirms

The notable insider is 100% sure of this release date, adding further credibility to his word.

Redfall has been the topic of almost every conversation in the gaming community lately. Part of the reason is that we expect a release date to be announced in the upcoming Developer_Direct on 25th January. However, a notable leaker has leaked the release date early on, and it seems like Redfall will be out on 2nd May.

Since it was revealed via Xbox Germany that Forza Motorsport and Redfall‘s release date would be announced in the Direct, this claim by the insider should be confirmed very soon. Twitter user eXtas1s has a good track record of leaking game information and has gained a reputation in the gaming community because of that.

Our team at TopTierList thought it best to share this exciting news with you, and we even translated his tweet, “Redfall can now be 100% confirmed with a release date of 2nd May, 2023.

Major Points

  • Redfall is most likely scheduled to release on 2nd May.
  • The leaker has gone all out and left no room for backing out of his claim, further adding credibility to his word.
  • Even though Forza Motorsport will also get a release date alongside Redfall during the Direct, the leaker made no comments on its release date.

We already discussed how Redfall was delayed by about 6 weeks to a May release date. So, this claim by the leaker seems even more promising. It is great to hear more credible sources giving a similar release window, but unlike the previous leaks, the release date this time is more specific than ever. 

If the news becomes official during the upcoming Direct, it should leave Xbox with more than enough time to market the game, considering how gamers are already hyped for it. Not to mention, we are also getting one-week early access for pre-orders and/or the deluxe edition owners.

This is very exciting, but we still have no news regarding the release date of Forza Motorsport, but it should be announced in the upcoming Direct. Although we have talked about only these two here, there are other notable titles, including Minecraft: Legends and The Elder Scrolls Online. So Xbox users have a good week planned at the end of January.

If you haven’t heard already, Starfield will also get its own stand-alone showcase very soon. This alone sets a nice lineup for Xbox in 2023, and it should be enough to dispel people’s worries after Xbox showed no presence at The Game Awards 2022.

But don’t let these distract you from another leak that reveals Hi-Fi Rush will also be released later this year! We already had some leaked concept art regarding the game, showing much promise. It is one of ZeniMax’s upcoming projects, and one thing to note is that since not much regarding that game has been revealed, we can consider all its leaks to be tentative.

Additionally, this is just the beginning, as many reporters and industry insiders have shown their excitement for Xbox in 2023. There is much still to be revealed, and even more for us to enjoy from them this year. The upcoming Developer_Direct is just a glimpse into what they have planned for us.

With that, we can conclude that the Xbox has a lot planned for its dedicated fans this year, and one of its most-awaited titles, Redfall, is likely to release on 2nd May. But as for the other titles, when do you think they will be released? Are there other titles from Xbox that we haven’t mentioned coming this year? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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