Veteran Art Manager, Ronen Lanovoi, Joins the Fable Team

Ronen Lanovoi, formerly of Ubisoft, Take-Two, and EA has joined the Fable team.

It’s almost become a thing for us to hear something about Fable 4 every month or so. Those things are either good or very concerning, especially since we don’t know when exactly the game is set to be released. Not to mention, there have been many rumours of changes in its development, though some have been debunked.

Regardless, we have previously shared our concern about the game’s future, but out of nowhere, our team at TopTierList found something exciting to share with you! If you were worried about the game’s development and quality, you might have one less thing to worry about since Ronen Lanovoi has joined the Fable team as the Art Manager.

If you don’t know who he is, Ronen Lanovoi is the former Studio Art Manager at Ubisoft,

Fable Development Update
Ronen Lanovoi Joins Fable Team as the Art Manager.

Major Points

  • Ronen Lanovoi has joined the Fable team as the Art Manager.
  • As he has more than enough experience with AAA games, we can expect something great to come out of his work in Fable 4‘s development.
  • It doesn’t confirm whether the development is going well, but we can expect a positive shift as he joined very recently.

One thing many gamers often overlook is the team behind a game’s development. Though studios have gotten much more popular for their games in the past decade or so, another big thing we all have grown to appreciate is the individual work behind a fantastic game.

Ronen Lanovoi is undoubtedly one of those people, as he has worked in some major video game companies and shipped more than 15 AAA titles. Each AAA game takes years of collective work by a big team, so this is an insane portfolio.

Now that he has joined the Fable team, many rumours regarding the development issues of Fable 4 will be dispelled. Still, we would need to wait a bit more for an insider to give us proper info since, according to Ronen Lanovoi’s LinkedIn profile, he has joined the team fairly recently.

But first, let’s look at some of his accomplishments and time in other major studios. He started in 2005 as the Cinematics Lead at Electronic Arts and left in 2018. His time at Electronic Arts was his longest and significantly boosted his portfolio.

Ronen Lanovoi Joins Fable Team
Ronen Lanovoi at Electronic Arts.

After that, he started as

Ronen Lanovoi
Ronen Lanovoi at Take-Two Interactive.

Lastly, he joined Ubisoft as

Ronen Lavonoi Games
Ronen Lanovoi at Ubisoft.

He joined the Fable team just this month, where he “oversees production for a project Art team.” Not only that, but this position will require him to utilize his experience as a veteran and make the best out of the project art team for Fable 4. 

That is all for today! We will need to wait for more development updates from Playground Games. Until then, do you think the game’s future is finally in good condition? How will Ronen Lanovoi’s arrival in the Fable team affect the development? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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