The Future of Fable 4 may not be in Good Hands

Fable 4 is one of the most-awaited action role-playing games since its announcement in the 2020 Xbox Showcase. Since then, the news has been very dry on Fable 4, and we are thirsty for more information. However, the recent leaks indicate that the production is facing difficulties.

The game immediately caught our attention with the amazing storyline and the progression of the world with the different instalments of the series. The city of Albion in the game has been through many changes over the series. First, it was in a very typical Age of Enlightenment, but afterwards, it became more industrialized.

Simple things like that make a game come off as more unique than those that produce different maps for every game. You can revisit the places and learn about the world as you go on, which is one of the best things about Fable 4.

Just recently, in the XNC Podcast by Colteastwood and Gazondaily, where Gaz talked about the downscaling in development that Fable 4 will receive. Gaz is the founder of GameOnDaily, and a well-known leaker, as he has given his opinion and news on many things before they got released to the public.

GazOnDaily mentioned that his private source informed him about the downscaling of Fable’s development due to issues in the engine and the lack of expertise in RPGs for the studio, both of which sound valid.

We have talked about Playground Games working on Fable 4 with their Forzatech engine, and they even posted a job listing for hiring experts in RPG game development to welcome into their Fable team.

We can assume that they always have lacked experience, and their attempt may not be as fruitful as we thought before. We were too optimistic, but it seems like the game may be delayed by a bit, though there won’t be as much of a delay as we think, according to Gaz.

In conclusion, Playground Games is having a tough time, and Fable is the one getting punished for it(or maybe it’s us fans suffering). Regardless, the things we should take from the stream are:

  • Fable is getting scaled down due to the mentioned issues.
  • The game will still likely use Forzatech but may have some adjustments to meet the ends.
  • The gameplay mechanics could not be retrofitted into the engine, hence the delay.
  • The studio has little to no RPG experience; they want to bring in a more hands-on deck.
  • It might be a delay, but it’s not as long as we expect; more news should come in future.

Other than that, there’s not much else to say except good luck to the studio for overcoming this. If you have any ideas on what Playground Studios should do, please let us know below!