Sony Working on an Action-RPG, Set to Reveal This Year

According to the insider, the Action-RPG will be based on a PlayStation IP, and is set to release in 2024.

Sony always has something cooking for us, whether on the hardware or gaming sides. As such, the mere statement that Sony is developing a game holds no value unless it comes with additional information and from a credible source.

Our team at TopTierList has found a tweet by Twitter user Rythian, who has a near-perfect track record of leaks in recent years. According to his tweet, Sony Music Entertainment is currently working on an Action-RPG, which will be based on a PlayStation IP. Additionally, it will be revealed this year and be scheduled for a release in 2024.

Keeping that in mind, we can shoot our shot and guess from Sony’s vast portfolio of Action-RPGs, but the insider mentioned two in particular. Still, it doesn’t seem like he knows who the developers or publishers of this game are, let alone the name of this IP, so we can’t confirm that last part.

Major Points

  • Sony Music Entertainment is working on an Action-RPG.
  • The game will be based on a PlayStation IP, potentially reviving a franchise.
  • It should be revealed sometime this year and be scheduled for a release in 2024.

We already know Sony has its hands full of many things. On the hardware side, one notable thing is the new PlayStation 5. But in gaming, they not only have the game potentially from People Can Fly, the leaked footage of which can be found anywhere on the internet, but its 5 publishers have as many as 80+ games in the works.

In addition, they are also cutting down some of them, like the recent leaks regarding the cancelation of the Forza Horizon competitor. But now, we have an Action-RPG game as well on the list of upcoming games, and this one seems closer than the others.

According to the insider, it is set for a reveal this year and will be released in 2024. It is also not confirmed whether this game will be PS exclusive or if it will be multiplatform. Regardless, it should be exciting, as it can potentially spell the revival of a franchise.

The insider mentioned Arc the Lad and Wild Arms, but that was based on his speculations. He doesn’t know what developer or publisher is working on this title, but it is under Sony Music Entertainment. The specific details should be confirmed in a future showcase, like the State of Play.

For those who don’t know, Arc the Lad is a tactical RPG video game series, and its latest release was a mobile game in 2018, Arc the Lad R. Additionally, Wild Arms is another Action-RPG game whose latest release was also a mobile game in 2018, Wild Arms: Million Memories.

Other than that, we can’t pinpoint the PlayStation IP, but the possibilities are wide, as it can be anything from classic to something recent. That would be all from us; what do you think this Action-RPG is? Do you think this is a potential revival of an old franchise? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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