Sony May Have Canceled Polyphony’s Forza Horizon Competitor

Though not official, it is likely the Forza Horizon Competitor or an unannounced title from Polyphony Digital.

Since Sony controls a significant portion of the video game industry, it always has dozens of titles in development throughout its developer studios. As such, it is also normal to see some of them getting canceled for reasons known only to them. Unfortunately, it seems like the Forza Horizon competitor game by Polyphony Digital might be the one on the receiving end.

According to insider Rythian, Sony has canceled a game by one of its Japanese studios, Polyphony Digital. He stated that it is not Gran Turismo 7 VR, Gran Turismo 8, or their action title. Instead, it is either their Forza Horizon competitor game or an unannounced title we don’t know of. 

It is possible they decided to focus their resources on the Gran Turismo series, as marketing a new game from the ground up to rival an already popular game series is a difficult task.

Major Points

  • Sony has likely canceled the Forza Horizon competitor game.
  • The reasons for the cancelation are unclear, but fans are glad one of the other titles from Polyphony did not get canceled.
  • It is also possible it’s an unannounced title we don’t know of, but the chances are less likely.

Forza Horizon is one of the most popular racing video game series, and since the game is Xbox exclusive, PlayStation fans cannot enjoy the series. Though PS has Gran Turismo and some insane games coming up for that franchise, it has become more tailored toward hardcore racing game fans.

Xbox’s Forza Horizon is perceived as perfect for a casual racing game experience. Therefore, Sony decided on the development of a title via its Japanese studio, Polyphony Digitals, some time ago. Though many did not know such a title was in the works, they are still happy one of the Gran Turismo titles did not get scrapped.

Under Rythian’s tweet, one user stated, “Can I say that I’m relieved? I love Gran Turismo and Polyphony, but I can live without a Forza Horizon competitor by them if it’s the only thing that got canceled.

It is understandable because a new title would take time to get better, let alone compete with a game on the level of Forza Horizon. However, Gran Turismo already exists, and there are other alternatives that gamers have already found for Forza Horizon.

Not to mention, such a title would need insane marketing and budget to compete from the initial release. Gran Turismo has a dedicated fanbase, and the great reception of their recent reveal for PSVR2 shows that perfectly.

All in all, this looks like one of those situations where the studio found it best to spend its resources elsewhere and scrap an idea that may or may not have worked. Still, it would have been nice to see how the competitor would have turned out.

There are still slight possibilities that it was another unannounced title by Polyphony Digital. Still, since even the insider does not know a game like that exists, it is a less likely scenario.

That is all for today! Do you think Forza Horizon‘s competitor really got canceled or was it another unannounced title? If it did, can we expect more focus on the Gran Turismo series? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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