PS All-Stars Sequel Not Yet Greenlit Due to Budget Issues

PlayStation All-Stars 2 developers are asking for budget triple of what Sony is willing to give!

Almost over a month ago, a trusted source by the username @LumberjackRy that the PS All-Stars sequel is in development. It was thanks to their acquisition of EVO. The game would include characters like Crash, Elon, Deacon, and many more. It was not greenlit even then, but the leaks still need to reveal the details regarding the problems. The game was supposed to get a sequel in 2012, but PS scrapped the idea due to its low sales after its 2012 release. 

Several new characters were born in Play Station in the last generation, including Astro, Aloy, Jin, Deacon, Atreus, Kat, and many more. According to the leaks, the game will include 80+ characters which is a huge challenge. It will be interesting to see how PS handles the huge amount of characters involved in the game. @LumberjackRy has revealed the details regarding why the project has yet to be approved through a tweet today. 

Crux of the matter

  • Developers are asking for too much money, 3 times more than what Sony is willing to allocate.
  • Sony may need to cut the roster in half.
  • Aside from the development, the main cost is now the 80+ characters involved and their licensing fee.
  • A final decision regarding the green signal for the game will likely be in late January/Early February.

Back in 2012, they could hardly handle around 20 characters. The idea for the project was great, but the technology and the execution were not quite there then. Now, they are going for 80+ characters. With the advancements in technology, it seems to be possible, but other problems have emerged. 

The developers demand too much money, triple the amount Sony is willing to dish out. The reason for this is because of the number of characters. The licensing fee to pay for every character is high. Thus, the developers would require more money. However, Sony is not very keen on the triple-money idea. 

Thus, the main problem, besides the overall development, is the 80+ characters. Therefore, they only included half the characters in the sequel. The sequel was supposed to be a revival of the game back when PS4 was released, but Sony scrapped the idea. Sony may release it now for PS5 after the issues are resolved. But after all the hype, it seems unlikely unless Sony resolves their issues regarding the characters’ numbers, licensing fees, and the developers’ demand.

We believe the game might release for PS5 after Sony has resolved all the issues by cutting down on half the roster. Hopefully, that is the case after all that hype. What do you guys think? Do you think Sony will give up on the sequel again after the emergence of such issues? Let us know in the comments below!

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