Deathloop’s VA Hints at a Possible DLC or Sequel

As per the recent interview about 2 months ago, the Deathloop VA of Colt, Jason Kelley, may have just confirmed a Deathloop DLC or sequel. In September 2021, Deathloop was released for PS5 and Windows users only. A year later, in September 2022, it was released for Xbox Series X/S. Before the launch of the game, it had a lot of critics. After the launch, however, the game received good reviews and praise. It won the best game direction and art direction awards at the Game Awards 2021.

Fast forward to one year later, it seems the creators have some new plans for the game. It seems that the creators of the game, Arkane Lyon are looking to release a DLC or there is a potential sequel in development. During the interview, the voice actors of Colt and Akagha talked about their audition process. However, the VA of Colt, Jason Kelly mentioned how Arkane Lyon was still hiring both the VAs under the codename Deathloop. Nevertheless, they both quickly changed the topic. 

The crux of the matter

  • A potential DLC or sequel of Deathloop may be in development.
  • Arkane hiring the VAs for both Colt and Julianna.

There have been no official announcements yet from Arkane. The entire video is about 28 mins long. You can see at 11:03 how the VA for Colt answers the question of the interviewer. We can certainly see how during the interview the tone of the entire room changes when the VA for Colt mentions that the game creators have hired them under the codename Deathloop. We can certainly say that it is not a new project by the fact that the VA of Colt mentions that Arkane Lyon are hiring them under the codename Deathloop and not any other codename. Thus, it has to be either a DLC or a sequel to Deathloop.

It still seems too early for a sequel but then again too late for a DLC at this point. The newest project that Arkane Lyon will release is Redfall in 2023 for Xbox Series X/S and Windows. Thus, the earliest the sequel launch will happen is 2024. Nevertheless, it seems highly likely that they will launch a sequel considering the success of the game.

What do you think of this slip of the tongue by Colt’s VA? Do you think a sequel is coming in 2024? Or is it just a DLC release? Let us know in the comments below!

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