Sony N & E Group Likely to Reduce VRR Base to 40 Fps

After the huge success of God of War: Ragnarok, Sony is looking to make advancements in technological areas as well. According to a credible source, @LumberjackRy, on Twitter, The N & E group of Sony Interactive Entertainment is currently operating on reducing the VRR base to 40fps across all games. There won’t be a need for an update to achieve this purpose if Sony does this.

Currently, as it stands, the 48 fps will be no more. Not just 40 fps, but Sony’s end goal is to take it to 30 fps. In other words, they want to make the VRR base for all games 30 fps. Sony will be the first company to achieve this milestone if they manage to do this. Though for now, the goal is to reduce the VRR base from 48 to 40 fps without an update. The source of the news, the tweet from @LumberjackRy, is below:

Crux of the matter

  • Sony Interactive Entertainment is looking to reduce the VRR base to 40 fps.
  • The end goal is to reduce the fps to only 30 fps. 

@LumberjackRy is a credible and reliable source. Even in the past, many of his news, statements and updates have come true. Many people follow him since he always seems to have some insider information and the news is credible. So, this news, and even the future statement regarding the 30 fps goal, is probably true. Though, Sony themselves have not officially confirmed anything yet.

Going back to the discussion, the VRR has its limits. Reducing the VRR base to 40 fps is extremely hard, but knowing Sony, they will be able to pull it off the same way they introduced FSR 2.0 earlier this year for PS5. Most consoles or monitors cannot adjust to 40 fps, but now, Sony has changed the game with this move. Now, more people will be able to enjoy the games. 

Ps5 initially did not have VRR, but earlier this year, it became VRR supported, and now soon, it will eventually be 40 fps VRR supported as per Sony N & E group. Moreover, it went from FSR 1.0 to FSR 2.0, and now, finally, it will be FSR 2.1, which will beat its competitor Xbox in this way which only has FSR 2.0. 

Nevertheless, the most exciting news from such a reliable insider is the news of 30 fps adjustments, whether it is true or not, time will tell, but we are hopeful it is true. It will revolutionize the gaming industry. So, what do you guys think of this news? We at Toptierlist sure are excited and hopeful that this is true. What about you guys? Let us know in the comments!

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