Sony Has Its Gaze Upon India to Push Its Console Sales

Sony is one of the giant video game companies that is dominating the console industry. Not only that, but their ventures in the video game industry have brought them vast success with the help of PS Exclusive titles.

As such, they have been investing heavily in Spain, with PlayStation Talents, and China, with the rumored China Hero Project. But according to insider LumberjackRy, Sony will invest in India very soon after they have improved the sales and reputation of their two main projects mentioned above.

Major Points

  • Sony has its hands full, but once they reach an acceptable state in its current ventures, its attention will shift toward the more significant Indian gaming industry.
  • The insider has also given information on how they can do that by releasing AAA titles.
  • Surprisingly, they will focus on the console side, even though mobile gaming is much more popular within the country.

Our team at TopTierList found the tweet very exciting, as we recently discussed how they plan to extend deeper within the Chinese industry aside from the China Hero Project. Since they have planned some major exclusive titles for release in that industry, this sounds like an ambitious plan for the future.

It is unclear how long it will take them to initiate this plan, but considering the details given by LumberjackRy, there is something for us to go on.

Anyone would assume that the focus of such a venture would be mobile gaming, as it is massive in India. However, it seems like they are focusing on Console, as the PlayStation 4 sold 1.1 million units in India, while they intend to push PlayStation 5 sales to reach 5 million.

Since the idea is to increase console sales, they will turn an Indian IP into a AAA PlayStation game alongside an Indian Studio. As we know, India is a heavily populated country filled with many gaming enthusiasts. This strategy might be the best one they can do to push console sales because even if a small percentage of gamers get into it, they will make significant profits.

But that is way into the future, and they haven’t even announced this. Even though the information comes from a credible insider with a good record of leaks, it is best not to expect too much since they can change their plan. Still, it makes sense for them to target the Indian industry. So we can expect some level of initiation from them.

They have been doing great in Spain, as we saw God of War Ragnarok‘s sales surpassing 90k physical units in the country. Their upcoming titles in China will also bring some fruition, so it is only a matter of time before they embed themselves in other industries.

That is all for today. Do you think PlayStation will succeed in India as they have in Spain? And is it better for them to focus on consoles rather than mobile gaming? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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