New PS5’s Detachable Disc Drive Likely Won’t Support Digital Version

Insider reveals that the detachable disc drive will likely not support current digital version.

If you consider yourself a hardcore console gamer, then there is no doubt you have a PlayStation console, especially the PS5, to play the latest exclusive titles. It is undoubtedly the king of consoles, and its dominant ranking on the charts is proof of that. Aside from the exciting games coming up, PlayStation 5 has a new model in the works, and we just found some interesting details from an insider.

Twitter user Tom Henderson recently tweeted regarding the new PlayStation 5. He received the information from his sources, according to which, PlayStation 5 will likely be made as a new console, being the 2nd gen of PlayStation 5.

Our team at TopTierList spotted the tweet by Tom, a notable leaker and one of the most credible insiders in the gaming industry. He gave additional details in his article, which we will discuss here.

Major Points

  • The new PlayStation 5 will be a gen 2 of PS5.
  • According to the insider, it will likely not have any hardware changes from the original console.
  • The disc drive will not be compatible with the current digital version, which might change after software updates. 

Tom previously talked about the new PlayStation 5 model in the works, replacing the A, B, and C chassis that had been developing since the launch. The new D chassis PlayStation 5 will have a detachable disc drive, which can be connected via the USB-C port at the back of the console.

Aside from the outline, several other details have been roaming online, which has caused people to call it the slimmer PlayStation 5. It is expected to be much lighter and slimmer due to the detachable disc drive. Other than that, it is believed that there won’t be many hardware changes in the newer model.

In his most recent update, he confirmed from his sources that the prototype of this model has been in the hands of developers for several months. It should be noted that it is not in the hands of individual developer studios but in the hands of people within Sony.

It doesn’t need to be in the individual developers’ hands since it is almost identical to the original PlayStation 5. Also, the new detachable disc drive will likely not be compatible with the existing digital version. However, Sony may change that with a major software update.

Questions regarding the disc drive’s compatibility were likely raised after Tom confirmed the detachable disc drive would be sold separately in case it is busted for anyone. In addition, it should also be sold in a bundle together with the new model, but other than that, we can’t confirm anything more as not much is official.

Moreover, a user replied to Tom’s tweet with the question, “Who are they selling this to then besides purchases of a new digital version?” To which he replied, “It’s a new console entirely. Basically gen 2 on the PS5.

Surely this will cause some criticism within the PlayStation community, especially since PlayStation 5’s shipment issues have finally been resolved in many parts of the world. People are getting their hands on the console, but if there are compatibility issues and if the new model is tailored to be a new console that will phase out the original PlayStation 5, people are sure to raise some questions.

That is all we can say regarding the matter. Further remarks can only be made once we get more information or once these details have become official. Until then, what are your thoughts on the direction Sony is taking with the new PlayStation 5? Do you think the new console will be good enough to replace the original entirely? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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