Details From Dead Space Media Event Likely Coming Soon

Dead Space is one of the most-awaited survival horror games this year, and anyone who has played the original games can vouch for that. It was developed by Motive Studio and published by Electronic Arts. The remake with the same original name has been announced for the 27th of January, 2023, for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows.

It has been a long time since Dead Space fans had something in the series, and finally, after waiting for almost ten years after Dead Space 3, we are getting the remake. As such, it shoulders the expectations of many young and veteran gamers.

Dead Space Media Event

On the 14th of September, Tom Henderson, a notable journalist and insider in the gaming industry, notified the community that there would be a Dead Space Media Event at the end of this month. The days have passed, and as we near the end, he is right; we are already getting some exciting teasers regarding the event.

Major Takeaways

  • Motive posted an image teasing information related to Dead Space.
  • Although it is not confirmed directly by Motive, Tom caught it and called it a teaser in reply to his tweet.
  • According to Tom’s recent article, it seems like Dead Space Media Event may not be everything we are getting, as some more significant reveals might come in mid-October.

Today Was Their Event

Our team at TopTierList found a tweet from Tom Henderson that said that the Dead Space Media Event was today and that they got hands-on with the game for several hours. In addition, he assured us that he would update us with further details.

Now, people at this point are quick to lose hope since the month is nearing its end, and we had nothing out. Luckily, Motive came just in the nick of time and posted a teaser that could quench the thirst of those that are patient.

It is a fun little puzzle; some have tried to solve it by mirroring the image on all sides to make a whole shape. But it still does not make much sense, and perhaps we will need to wait a bit longer for something concrete and easy enough to understand.

We had something similar with Fortnite when they started teasing the audience by sending images that could be put together to make the reveal for their next season. If we go by that analogy, we can see more similar pictures coming soon, and by connecting them together, we will see a whole different image.

More News Coming in Mid-October

According to Tom’s recent article, we can expect more news in mid-October. He explained that the press got the opportunity to experience the game hands-on for several hours(as per his tweet) and that the footage will be revealed next month. In addition, the press also interviewed the developers, which should also be out with the footage.

The embargo on Dead Space Remake will be lifted in mid-October, and that’s when we can expect these details to emerge. So far, the first impressions of the press were great, and they loved the game. The changes from the original game are also termed “respectable,” which is also a relief.

Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol are on their way to reviving the Classic Sci-Fi Horror genre, and we cannot wait to experience that. How about you? Are you a fan of Dead Space, and if so, what are you most excited about in the remake? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you.

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