Genshin Impact 3.1 Abyss Lineup & Nahida Skill Leaked

Genshin Impact – For many gamers, this game is their gateway to gacha gaming, but for the veterans, it’s a great game with one of the most compelling stories we have seen in a gacha game. Although it is no Honkai Impact, it will eventually be more significant as we delve more into the endgame story.

The story is still nowhere close to ending, and that’s precisely why the hype is always on top whenever a new patch is up. Luckily, we have some exciting characters in the next patch, including two new Archon quests. Hoyoverse wants us to have high expectations as they revealed Nahida, the Dendro Archon, ahead of time, along with Layla. We also have exciting things coming with Genshin’s 2nd anniversary.

About Genshin Impact

If you still don’t know about the game, it is an open-world ARPG that combines its unique RPG elements with the gacha gaming system, making it highly addictive. The game contains various quests, each telling you about the Tevyat and its many Gods. We are Travellers in this world and must uncover some dark mysteries hidden in the past and eventually find our sister.

The game has different elements, and each character possesses one; having multiple such characters enables you to perform many reactions and do insane damage to the enemies.

Major Points

  • Nahida’s (E) elemental skill is similar to the Fayz Trials event and one of the unique skills in the game.
  • She will likely be a significant part of the upcoming meta, similar to every archon we saw previously.
  • The Abyss lineup for patch 3.1 includes many new enemies and some recent ones we saw in Sumeru.
  • The Abyss blessing will be favorable towards Dendro characters, as expected.

Nahida’s Kit and Elemental Skill

Nahida’s entire kit is still not revealed, and even some of the leaked stuff is subjected to change. However, one absolute thing is how her skill will look like. Our team at TopTierList caught these leaks from Ubatcha, a notable Genshin leaker with an almost perfect record as he participates in the beta test of new patches.

He made a whole thread previously regarding Nahida’s kit and interactions with other elements. Although his descriptions are hard to understand, it seems like Nahida will be excellent Dendro support as she can provide value to all elements that react with her Dendro application.

In addition, he previously explained what the elemental skill looks like but now managed to find a picture through unknown sources. He confirms that this is accurate, and the middle square is only for cosmetics; it does not define the AOE of the attack. It should mark all the enemies on the screen, which should be visible, as we have seen with Hu Tao’s blossom and Yoimiya’s mark.

This looks similar to the Fayz Trial, and one thing we know from that event is that you do insane damage after hitting all those weaknesses. But this does not mean that Nahida will also do enormous damage, as her support ability can be her most powerful asset, but we don’t know anything yet.

Spiral Abyss Blessings and Lineup

Furthermore, we also got information on the upcoming Spiral Abyss blessing and the enemy lineup.

The blessings are advantageous to the Dendro reactions, so you better have your Dendro MC built. It will also be helpful since Aggravate is more substantial than expected and can be Cyno’s best reaction. However, the abovementioned reactions are primarily for Pyro or Electro reactions with Dendro Cores. The text of the blessings reads as:

  1. After a character triggers Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon, all party members will have their Elemental Mastery increased by 40 for 10s. This effect can be triggered once every 0.1s. Max 5 stacks. Each stack’s duration is counted independently.
  2. After opponents take DMG from Dendro Cores (this includes Burgeon and Hyperbloom DMG), their All Elemental and Physical RES will decrease by 8% for 6s. Max 4 stacks
  3. When Dendro Core attacks (this includes Burgeon and Hyperbloom attacks) hit an opponent, a shockwave will be unleashed at that opponent’s position, dealing True DMG. A shockwave can be unleashed this way every 2s.

First, we have the Floor 11 enemies lineup, which is as expected. The early floors include some upcoming enemies, and later on, we get the more tanky enemies that will require Single-target DPS. Your teams for this floor should preferably be AOE based for the 1st halves, like the Taser team, and a hybrid team for the 2nd halves, like Raiden national team.

Electro teams would be great here as the leyline disorder is favorable towards that element, and Cyno will be on the banner.

Floor 12 is the real challenge and includes various enemies, so bring your best characters and make sure you learn enemy combat mechanics for those 36 stars. It is a pure DPS check, so we cannot give you any advice here.

That concludes all the leaks. What are you most excited about in 3.1? And do you think Nahida will be as impressive as we expect her to be? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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