Leak Reveals Hogwarts Legacy Has Already Been Rated In Brazil

Following along the recent trend of imagining every successful movie as a video game, the team at Warner Brothers has dabbled with entering the gaming space through their latest installment; Hogwarts Legacy. An open-world, role-playing, and action-centric game, Hogwarts Legacy aims to put the player in the shoes of a Hogwart student similar to those in the books. Your task? Lead the adventure using your wizardry while safeguarding the ancient secrets you possess.

Developments About The Game

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay preview
Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay

Not much has been revealed regarding details surrounding the game. It is slated for a release sometime in February next year and, aside from the fundamentals of the game being released, no new announcements have been made apart from the odd development screenshots.

Points To Focus On

  • Following the success of the books and movie series, the game Hogwarts Legacy materializes.
  • It appears the game has already been rated in Brazil.
  • With no official announcement, it is imperative to take this with a grain of salt.

Game Development Seems On Track

A leak spotted by TopTierList, thanks largely to Reddit user LongJonSiIver, has finally ended the drought of information surrounding the game

Loosely translating the text, it appears that it comes out to be a parental consent rating that puts the game in a place not safe for children under the age of 12. Furthermore, it shows that the game has progressed enough in the development cycle to have been formally reviewed and rated by the game board. That is good news indeed since one can conclude that the game is likely on track in terms of development timeframes.

Amongst the obvious, we can also gather the confirmation that the game will be released on largely every platform of gaming. It is interesting to note that in a world where developers are letting go of last gen support, Hogwarts Legacy is intended to come to those consoles as well.

A Growing Trend Of Less Last-Gen Support

The phenomena of cutting ties with the last gen of consoles are synonymous in the gaming industry today. A piece covered at TopTierList which you can go over here details the developers of Assassin’s Creed shifting focus on the next generation of consoles after Mirage. Similarly, a host of other developers are likely to follow suit. Hence, the decision to keep Hogwarts Legacy open for a wide array of players across platforms is a welcome site.

Final Remarks

The project seems to be ambitious and with a lot of expectations riding on the studio’s shoulders, one can hope that they deliver immensely. What would you like to see as part of the game? Does the idea of a playable character seem appealing or would you like more than one character as an option? Let us know in the comments!

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