Steam Deck Reveals Japan Has Highest PC Gaming Growth Rate

Japan is home to some of the best anime games in existence. But that’s not all the home of anime has to show for itself. Although considered an anime, the Pokemon franchise is one of the major examples of how great this empire is.

However, Japan is mostly a home console dominant region, but in recent years, they have shown a strong interest in expanding their horizons to the digital side of PC gaming. This will increase the gaming market in the region swiftly.

Hot Market for Steam

The recent game shows and expos around the globe reveal a new statistic, which we will discuss to great lengths in this article. It gives excellent insight into a whole new market and reveals how Japan contributes to PC gaming. For now, let’s take a look at what this piece has to offer.

The Gist of it All

  • PC gaming is spreading like wildfire in the region.
  • Expanding horizons in the region for a more extensive digital game market.

We at TopTierList spotted a post by the user ArtHands, highlighting this surprising new statistic in the gaming world. In the post, he linked news that discusses all the details about this topic.

Neo Gaf Post
Neo Gaf Post

Japan is currently a hot area for the gaming industry. It has hosted several expos in the recent week, and more are on their way in the months of October and November. In the post, the highlighted equipment is the Steam Deck.

The valve itself reports that it is recording the highest number of sales in Japan. This likely means that the audience from that region is slowly switching to the digital market over former physical games.

The steam deck was given a 15-minute trial with well-known titles like “Elden Ring” and “Marvel’s Spiderman.” Despite some of the most expensive games, the Japanese community did not hold back when preregistering for this device.

Reservation Status

The post’s central key point is the region’s reservation status. Mr. Uy was asked about the reservation status in the region, to which he replied that he couldn’t share the exact numbers, but it was going overwhelmingly well.

He further addresses some points of the divide that need to be patched, like the screen. However, the device itself has been a massive success in the region. Erik Peterson, head of business and marketing at Valve, also contributed a fair bit to the situation. He was asked many questions, but the ones that piqued our interest were the ones we will discuss below.

Firstly, he revealed that most of the users going for the steam deck at the moment are first-time PC and Steam gamers. That is extremely good for a company as it is tough to lure customers with different preferences.

Secondly, he was asked why Japan was chosen, as it has a very poor PC gaming popularity. Peterson replied to this with affirmation that the scale of Pc Gaming in Japan is misjudged and that there is a huge market for PC gaming in the region.

Japan Is Potentially the Next Market

This was proved later when steam deck reported record sales with continuously growing numbers. I am just hoping that it all goes well. And that the steam deck becomes an even more considerable success than it already is.

However, that’s not all, Xbox is also looking to advance its roots in the Japanese video game industry, so the region certainly has much potential. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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