Giant Bombcast Claims Xbox Is Acquiring Japanese Publishers

Recently, we have seen more video game companies taking the big step toward acquiring other similar companies. It is undoubtedly significant and exciting news since we can expect some fantastic games to come out as a result. Even more so when a company like Sony or Microsoft makes that move because then you can expect an even diverse range of games to their consoles, PlayStation and Xbox, respectively.

While there have been many ongoing talks regarding Sony and other companies venturing into that, we had some exciting detail shared by Phil Spencer during Tokyo Game Show 2022. When he was asked regarding Xbox’s plans for gaming in Japan in the future, Spencer replied:

That’s a lot [of mistakes]. I think we talked about bringing Japan back to Tier 1 at X019, but with the launch of Xbox Series X, Japan also joined the global launch, receiving services and equivalents [at the same time]. We’ve been investing a lot of time, and talking to creators and the community. These are things we’ve learned from our failures on Xbox One, and there’s no doubt that our experience in the Japan market is what helps us today.

Xbox in Japan

Xbox has seen vast success globally, but according to Phil, their ventures in Japan have not come with mistakes, and there were quite a few of them. However, they seem to have learned from that and are finally ready to go back in. This time, with even bigger plans.

Major Points

  • According to Jeff Grubb, Xbox is in talks with some major Japanese publishers and even some small ones for acquisitions.
  • It means they will pump out more Japanese games in the coming years, which aligns with what Phil Spencer said.
  • Almost a year ago, there were rumors about Microsoft making the same move, but nothing was confirmed.

Xbox Acquiring Japanese Publishers

Our team at TopTierList heard some exciting things in one of the recent podcast streams by Giant Bomb. Jeff Grubb, a notable gaming journalist, and insider with an abundance of resources, claimed that Microsoft is looking to spend their vast money on something else after the Activision deal, to which Imran Khan, another journalist, replied that Xbox is looking into acquiring more Japanese publishers.

He also said that Xbox Game Pass would reach the point when licensing costs become so high that it makes more sense for them to acquire the whole studio, therefore having access to many other games. It also aligns with what Phil Spencer said regarding Xbox gaming in Japan.

Eventually, we can expect many Japanese titles to come out when they acquire some publishers. Also, as Imran said, we can expect them all to come on Xbox Game Pass with time as well, which might be what Phil mentioned as one of the many mistakes they made before.

It is excellent news, as it can push other big companies to make similar acquisitions and expand their market. Still, as gamers, we genuinely care about some exciting games coming on our favorite platforms. How about you? What Japanese company comes to your mind when you think of Xbox acquiring one? And how do you think it will affect their games in the future? Let us know your thoughts below, and we will get back to you!

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