EA Originals’ & Koei Tecmo Collab Leaked

EA Originals program is an initiative by Electronic Arts to support independently developed video games. It is straighforward: EA funds the development and collects it back after the game launches. The additional revenue generated goes to the developers, who have full creative control of the game, and have all the rights.

This time, it seems like they are developing a game with a partner, Koei Tecmo. It is a Japanese anime and video game holding company that was created in 2009 after merging Tecmo and Koei. Although it was disbanded in Japan, its sister company is now called Koei Tecmo Games. They have developed numerous games, including Dead or Alive 6, Samurai Warriors 5, and Nioh.

EA Partner Game
Text Regarding a New Game on Origin API.

At first look, it may look twister and hard to understand, but ignore the extra text and focus on only these words; EA Originals, Koei Tecmo, and Ohni. The first two show that there is indeed a game under development by them, but what about “Ohni”?

That word holds some clue about this game as it has been repeated 14 times in the Origin API. We can make all the assumptions, but it is quite hard to deduce as it can mean anything. For now, let’s leave the assumptions on the title for later.

Mentions of the Game Previously

However, we can see more traces of this game here and there, which were previously left for speculations.

Electronic Arts
Data on FY23 of Electronic Arts.

In the Q1 FY23 of EA, we saw the words “Partner Title,” so it was easy to assume it would come on the partner program EA Originals. So far, the data we collected on the Origins API is the only one that points towards this. It can potentially be the game in question, but further confirmation is still required from EA.

Jeff Grubb, one of the most notable Gaming Journalists, also commented on this and said that this may not be a game from partnering with Hazelight as it is still too early. So for anyone thinking it was one of theirs, think again.

Moreover, we also found something interesting regarding B OHNI, the word repeated in the API.

Game Purchase
Game Purchase Data.

This picture has been surfacing around with almost no context as not much was known when it started spreading. But now, with the collected data, we can see the word B OHNI used again as a display name placeholder. The price for this game seems to be $59.99.

In Conclusion

The name is still a mystery, and it’s almost impossible to guess the gameplay with just one word. Therefore, we can’t do anything else but patiently wait for an official announcement to drop. But how long will it take for them to do that? We don’t know.

It can take weeks or maybe some months before further information is announced. On the bright side, the emergence of this data indicates that some progress has been made, and the game is likely in the final stages or maybe even done.

As we wait for the announcement to drop, what do you think this game will be about? And what does OHNI indicate? Let us know below, and we will discuss it with you!

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