Renowned Cracker Empress Promises to Crack Hogwarts Legacy

The famous cracker declared if the upcoming game [Hogwarts Legacy] includes Denuvo, they will crack it within 10 days of release.

Piracy has become a huge trend as of late due to the big price tags on major titles. Some consider it acceptable because they want to enjoy the game, while others believe it is disrespectful to the developers. Nevertheless, there is only one thing that has stopped crackers from pirating big games, and that is Denuvo.

However, one specific person, who goes by the alias “Empress,” has found success in becoming the only person to make a crack of even Denuvo-protected games. Our team at TopTierList found a NeoGaf thread that reveals Empress’ plans for an upcoming game.

This time, the renowned cracker has expressed frustration with the big companies and promises that if Warner Bros. includes Denuvo in their upcoming release, they will crack it within 10 days of release.

If Hogwarts Legacy wasn’t under tense waters already, it seems like the game would now become the battleground for the war between crackers and big companies. While some people support either side, they both come with valid reasons.

Denuvo Empress
NeoGaf Thread.

Major Points

  • Renowned cracker, Empress, has declared war against Capcom, Warner Bros., and Denuvo.
  • The first victim in the long list will likely be Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Though the person has promised to crack the game within 10 days of release, only time will tell how successful their claim is.

In the past decade or so, games have become not only more advanced but also a lot more expensive. We have occasional DLC releases and other in-game purchases, and you can only enjoy that by paying or pirating the game. Though many consider it disrespectful, the only thing stopping it from happening is Denuvo. 

However, Empress, the only person known to beat Denuvo has other plans for the future. Their work takes a long time, but the results are almost astounding. But even they admitted that breaking Denuvo lately has become much more difficult.

Their Reddit post talked about the recent Denuvo version and how it is almost impossible to break. Even with their skills, they don’t know whether it will keep up with the evolving anti-temper technology of Denuvo. Still, they didn’t back down and only asked for more support while they continued to battle against it.

Now, it seems like Empress has found some solutions and made their move against the big companies. It is not a surprise that crackers and even many gamers who pay for their games are unhappy with many things done by Capcom, Warner Bros., etc.

These companies are using DRM, and the Denuvo reinforces many layers of top-notch protection. It causes stutters in the game, and Resident Evil Village is one of many examples of that. Although they are fixed after a while, many gamers find the DRM to be a bad thing.

Empress publicly declared war against these companies and said that they were not happy with the recent things they have been doing. If they continue to be like that, Empress will have no choice but to put their personal projects aside and crack some of the most anticipated games and releases as fast as possible.

Empress Cracks
Empress’ Message to the Companies.

The cracks for usual games don’t take much, as we saw Spider-Man Remastered getting cracked within a few hours of release. However, Denuvo-protected games take a lot longer, and to make up for the time Empress spends on them, the community funds for each of these cracks.

From now on, Empress will do it full-time and crack some of the biggest upcoming titles people want. Since people will be more than happy to pay to see such games getting cracked, we can see a rise in pirating trend. Most importantly, the first and the biggest victim of this will be Hogwarts Legacy.

Empress’ message to Warner Bros. stated, ” You are advised to not include Denuvo in your upcoming game. Currently it’s on the top of my list and by including it you are only wasting money & resources because I will be making a crack for it under 10 days and spread it, and everyone will be playing it for free anyway.”

Hogwarts Legacy, Warner Bros.’s upcoming game, is at the top of the list, and since we know the game will have Denuvo, it will be the first wall Empress attempts to break. Though they promise to break it within 10 days of release, we can’t say for sure since even Empress acknowledged Denuvo’s latest versions are very tough to break.

Empress has told the community not to purchase and support the game, as the crack will be made faster than they think. Not to mention, some gamers are already against Hogwarts Legacy, so Empress might even get support from unexpected people in their quest.

While we can’t say what they are doing is right, many people are happy to see Empress taking the stance against DRM and Denuvo and doing something against the ridiculous micro-transactions we have seen lately. Though we respect the opinion of all people, we are interested to see how this goes.

That is all for now! What are your thoughts on Empress’ message against these companies? Do you think the renowned cracker will find success in their quest? Share your thoughts with us below, and we will get back to you!

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