Fantasy 7 Remake Exclusivity News

If we talk about the most successful launches of a game, Final Fantasy VII Remake is definitely up there, as it had over 3.5 million copies sold in just three days- Talk about being popular. In fact, Final Fantasy VII Remake has become the most popular game from the franchise for many fans, and we are talking about 15 games here.

FFVII Remake is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. It was announced in 2015, but after many delays and polishing, it was finally released in 2020.

However, what made the game so much better than what we had seen before, not to mention the latest games. It was how the remake took an already perfect storyline from Final Fantasy VII and put that together with amazing new game mechanics, like the all-new fast-paced real-time combat, which we hadn’t seen from them before.

The point is that the game did things perfectly and was rewarded well in terms of how well-received it became, but after spending so long as a PlayStation exclusive, is it about time we see FFVII coming to Xbox. Then boy, do we have something to tell you.

Look up your PlayStation store and check the exclusive section; you may notice that Final Fantasy VII Remake has been removed from the Exclusive section of the PS store. Under normal circumstances, we can assume it might be due to technical issues or other problems.

But we haven’t seen PlayStation commenting on this issue, so this might be an intentional move. Considering the timing of this with how the Summer Game Fest is coming up, it just seems all too coincidental. So what could this mean?

As we know, that Xbox & Bethesda showcase is coming up on June 12th; there have been rumors about FFVII Remake making an appearance there, but let’s not pay attention to those rumors. It’s still possible that Final Fantasy VII Remake will no longer be a PS Exclusive, and some of the few who would love to take up the burning torch of FFVII Remake are none other than Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

We can expect some news on this from either of the two in their showcases, and if it becomes a technical issue, PlayStation needs to work on their timing because their State of Play is just on the doorstep.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you love to see Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to these consoles, or should it just stay as a PlayStation Exclusive? Because we know we would love to see it coming on other consoles. Let us know your thoughts down below!