FIFA 23’s Ultimate Edition Came With a Bunch of Bugs

FIFA- The franchise we are all quite familiar with, as it has many football games we have been playing since our childhood. You can still find some people playing at parties showing off their dribbling skills. As with many franchises that bring out an annual title, FIFA is among the most popular.

Their latest title is FIFA 23, and like all those before it, it is published by Electronic Arts. FIFA 23 will be their 30th and final title in the FIFA series developed by EA Sports. It will be released on the 30th of September for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia.

FIFA 23 Early Access

FIFA 23 is the final game under the EA – FIFA partnership. The future football games by EA will be without the name FIFA and released under the banner of EA SPORTS FC. People who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition got three days of early access and have been able to play the game since the 27th of September. That means we can look at some of the things the game has to offer, and for many gamers, it’s nothing but bugs and glitches.

Major Points

  • FIFA 23 has many things done right, but the bugs overshadow the fun for many.
  • Some players have even considered refunding the game since they couldn’t play.
  • So far, there aren’t any fixes for the bugs.

Bugs In FIFA 23

Most of the bugs revolve around the gameplay, including shooting, passing, and dribbling problems, along with the weird way footballers behave. While we can’t mention them all here, these tweets can give great insight into what to expect going into the game.

The player shoots the ball, but it just got cut off, counting as a miss, even though we can see the ball going inside in slow-mo. It may look unlucky for the player, but there was nothing complicated here, and it shouldn’t be detected like that, especially on the game’s 2nd day.

Imagine having similar bugs in a competitive match with your friend; that would undoubtedly ruin the whole experience.

Since each player can only have 1 chemistry point, certain requirements, like having 18 or 24 chemistry points seem impossible. It might be achievable in some way, but it is still confusing, and gamers have complained about it on Twitter.

The passing and shooting in the game seem like the biggest challenge, let alone dribbling because you can’t do that here. These are the most basic and straightforward fun elements of the game, yet they are so messy it makes the whole game unplayable.

Keepers and on-field players behave weirdly during the game, and everything feels severely clunky.

You can see the issue with passing here, as it goes back and forth rapidly until the opponent snatches the ball away. These are mainly focused on the gameplay itself, as there are many other bugs related to opening the game, collecting rewards, and other setting bugs, which you can find many of in EA’s Bug Report forum.

In The End

Players have started regretting purchasing the Ultimate Edition, and we cannot blame them for it. The argument exists that it is a new game, so the bugs are common, but this is the Ultimate Edition people bought for $99.99.

Some of these bugs should not exist because EA should have fixed them before releasing them instead of giving a bugged game to people who paid a lot and then giving promises to fix it, which they haven’t yet.

So if you want to purchase this game, make sure you go through the issues, and commit to the game because if the bugs persist, the game will be their biggest failure. What about you? Would you pay $59.99 for the PC version? Or, if you purchased the game already, are the bugs as bad as everyone says they are? Let us know your experience below, and we will discuss it with you!

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